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William Hill Casino - Withholding my winnings

jamew18 United Kingdom Message
Posted on September 18, 2018

so,here i am,my first post on and it's a casino complaint! ok so here goes,i signed up for a account with the popular uk bookies around the 14th september 2018.i decided on a small deposit of £10 to try out the casino and see how well the games play and make sure there was no lag,crashes or delays with the games.i went to raging rhino and got a bonus after a few spins.paid pretty much nothing.few presses later,another bonus.this time however,2nd spin into the bonus it paid me 1,221x on the second press.0.40p spin paid just under £500.i thought great,i will cash it out and see if their withdrawl process was anygood.

this is where the problems started!

i had deposited via paysafe voucher,simply to avoid the long waits for withdrawls to go back to debit i went onto live chat to find out where to send my photo id and proof address and i was pleasantly surprised to find out i could verify my account via the live chat agent! great i thought! so i send my driving licence and council tax bill and after a 10 min wait the chat agent tells me my account is fully verified and i am free to make withdrawls.i then ask how i use the quickcash withdrawl option and was told in order to use this service i had to make a deposit first then request a withdrawl and i would get the code instantlly.ok,great! i deposit £20 via quickcash.i then witdraw the £20 like i was told to do all went well.i then go to withdraw the remaining £460 but there is no option to use the quickcash service.i go back to live chat and they look into it.lady on live chat tells me to go ahead and try again now.i went ahead and tried and there it was,the option to use quickcash withdrawl again.i enter the amount to withdraw wich is £460 and press this is the issue.instead of giving me the code beginning 6556 they give me a small 9 digit refrence number.

i tell the lady on chat what has happened and get told to wait 3-5 mins.i wait.the lady comes back with the answer 'your withdrawl has been sent to security and you will have to wait 24 to 48 hours for responce' ok,so i ask why? she cant answer me and just repeats over that there is a security issue and the withdrawl needs checked by security.i then ask to speak to a manager.the manager comes onto the live chat and tells me this 'we need to make sure the withdrawl is going to the rightful owner,the account holder' well that is when i got very,very suspicious of their reason for holding my withdrawl.i was sitting in a williamhill store with my photo id,proof of address and my account details on my laptop they could see me face to face with this i.d.i tell him this and he completly ignores when i tell him this and proceeds to tell me its with security.

now,i look online for reviews whilst im in the store and low and behold i see thousand's of reviews of customers who's had this exact same thing happen to them.i then check askgamblers and look at the complaints section and find the complaints of other customers in my situation.

williamhill have used this tactic on me what they have used on thousands of other customers.they wont tell me where my withdrawl is.the money has gone from my account and i am jut getting robotic responses from the live chat agents.i want to open this complaint because i want someone on my side who can help me through this horrific time dealing with these people.

thier reason was to make sure it was going to the rightful owner,but i told the manager i was sititing in the williamhill store with my id and could prove it was my money,but no.they are refusing to tell me anything,they have took my money and i want it back.

thanks for reading this and i hope we can get it resolved quickly,thank you.

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