Guts Casino - Wasn't given the 250% LIFTOFF bonus!

Icymod Canada
posted on July 21, 2016.

My account is Jmeister and I received a text message from Guts Casino about a 250% match bonus using code "LIFTOFF". After making a $50 deposit using Paysafecard, I wondered why the bonus wasn't credited to me. I asked support about this and said I already redeemed the welcome bonus and they decided to forward an email to the relevant team. A day later they emailed to confirm my phone number as it was not on their records (how convenient) and so I replied to their email. Then they told me that they can only give me a $5 bonus. With anger and disappointment, I immediately wasted my money and fell under an unlucky streak!! It has been a long time since I played at Guts Casino. They really need to stop making these mistakes, I'm an existing account holder, they should know beter! Attached is the offer I received via mobile, I can't believe I was tricked! I have closed my account because I don't believe I can be a winner. I'm an honest gambler trying to make ends meet, instead I only met an offer that was refused and a loss to back it up! I would appreciate it if they would honor this regardless.....but otherwise this might be a way of saying to myself "Gambling would make a loser out of me, that I will have to leave it forever"! Just some honest words.

posted on July 22, 2016.

Hi Icymod

Thank you for bringing this to my attention

I have personally investigated the situation and I am also fully aware of the SMS offer that was communicated (LIFTOFF). We sent out two SMS offers on this day - One reload bonus and one welcome bonus for first time depositors.

- One offer for players who were yet to deposit (lifetime) Code: LIFTOFF

- One offer for a selected group of players. Code: ELK

As you can see on your text message, it states "Welcome offer" indicating that it is for new players who have not deposited before. Without getting into your account details, I can confirm that you are not in the category of being defined as a new player based on the offer received. I realize how you might wonder how come you received this offer if you were not eligble for it. Since these offer were sent out on the same day, the intention was to send it to two target groups (new players and selected players) but the system unfortunately only sent this to one of the groups. It therefore turned out to be the selected player group receiving the LIFTOFF code which should not have been the case.

This was noticed the following day by our responsible department who immediately set up an apology SMS send out to the affected players for the incorrectly communicated text, where each affected player received a free credit in the casino. The free credit is what you describe as the $5 bonus which was a gesture of goodwill from our department for sending an incorrect text message.

However, since you actually deposited in belief that LIFTOFF was valid for you, we can see how this was an inconvenience and therefore, you will find this bonus being credited on your account now

Let me know if this solves your concern. Feel free to approach me at [email protected] should there be any problems along the way

Kind regards
Emir - Support Manager

Icymod Canada
posted on July 22, 2016.

Hello Emir, there is one problem. I won't be able to tell if everything is resolved until I log into my account. It's currently blocked and I spoke to Elsebeth today and she has informed me that there is a 7 day cool off period.

6:33 pm
Cheers, will have a look
6:38 pm
Yes, I can re-open your account again. However, it will take a process of 7 cool off days. Kindly contact us again at the date 30.07.2016 and we will re-open it again then.

posted on July 25, 2016.

Hi Icymod

I can confirm that the bonus will still be active when your account is reopened. In other words, you will not have lost this bonus even though your account is closed now. Once it has been opened you will see this bonus being visible on your account balance in the top right corner as usual. Also, when you are logged in you can confirm this by navigating to "My account -> Bonuses" to see that it shows up as an active bonus on your account

Kind regards
Emir - Support Manager

Icymod Canada
posted on July 26, 2016.

Hi Emir,

Thank you for confirming that the bonus won't be lost during the wait period. I hope to be lucky with the bonus as this year hasn't been so great for me. I'd also want to thank you for crediting the bonus despite the events that followed to this point, not a lot of people would be so kind and fair.

posted on July 27, 2016.

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