Casino Cruise - Very slow payment/verification process

posted on March 13, 2016.

Ok so it started out pretty basic won 1000Sek, 107€~

Requested withdrawal 2016-03-03.

Nothing happened untill 2016-03-09 when i contacted the support myself about my withdrawal,

Then i get notified that i need to verify my account and they will send everything to my email.

6 days without any information and would probably been alot longer unless i had asked them myself.

So i send in all requested dokuments,

2016-03-11, Get back that it was bad and they missed stuff that i sent in takes 3 support talks moore over the period of 3 days before i get notified that the bankstatement i sent in was too small too see and not wrong or missing.

2016-03-14 i get help with sending in every single document that was wrong.

Later at night i get my withdrawal rolled back to my account so i request another withdrawal now.

I dont know too much about casino cruise i really like their support they are really kind and i would love to be a returning customer to their casino. But right now it feels like a delayed nightmare without a end, I honestly dont even dare to insert any moore money untill this is solved.

It never taken this long on any casino i ever played on to verify or get information.

Now the department that check my verification whent home for the day.

Probably i'm just a bit unlucky and i can't really blame them at full since my document's where not approved so that was on my part aswell.

I'm just hoping this will be over soon. :(

posted on March 15, 2016.

Account got verified last day. Now only my withdrawal left. :)

posted on March 16, 2016.


We hope this email finds you well.

We regret to inform you that your winnings have been removed due to a breach of the bonus's Terms and Conditions during your game play.

You placed 7 bets of 100 up to 100 which is not allowed when playing with a bonus money. We invite you to read our bonus's terms and conditions:


Pure < snip > so tired of this, i say stay away from this casino to all of you. First they delay it as hell and now they Confiscate my winnings,

I will never return to this casino and i will bring this up in my upcoming review of this casino on one of the biggest forums in sweden where i revied pretty much every netent casino so far, the only good thing has been the support.

And now i got a bit sad first time this ever happend and first time ever i had this long delay so this is officialy the slowest netent casino i ever played on when it comes to withdrawal and verification. :(

posted on March 16, 2016.

Dear @fb_993107724109871,

Please keep in mind that your last post has been edited and vulgarities removed. If you afford using the same kind of offensive language one more time your complaint will be rejected due to violation of AskGamblers Casino Complaints Service Terms.

posted on March 16, 2016.

AskGamblers Complaints Team has been provided with enough information in regards of this case to confirm the fact that player indeed breached the quoted bonus term below by placing 7 bets worth 100SEK each on the video slot Reel Rush.

"In order to fulfill the wagering requirement, you cannot place a wager which (i) for slots and video slots - is more than (€5, 50 NOK, 50 SEK, $5, £5); for any other currency, you cannot place a bet which is more than the equivalent to 5 USD; and (ii) for any other game – is more than (€30, 300 NOK, 300 SEK, $30, £30); for any other currency, you cannot place a bet which is more than the equivalent to 30 USD. This rule also applies when using any double up/gamble feature in any game. In case of a breach of this rule, you agree that your Bonus Balance will be forfeited, apart from the original deposit amount, to the extent that it was not wagered and lost less 10% administrative fees and bank charges."

Based on the above this case is being ruled in Casino Cruise favor. In case of a disagreement with our decision player is free to seek to further assistance on this matter from the relevant licensing authority.

The case is now officially closed.