Casino Cruise - Verification team not accepting valid photo ID

Amy Roberts United Kingdom
posted on September 22, 2016.


My name is amy and i opened an account with casino cruise a few weeks ago. Everything was great and i deposited a total amount of £270 i ended up winning an amount of 400 which i requested to withdraw. Then i was asked for the know your customer documents. I sent all that was asked but my passport was out of date so i sent extra supporting documents which all in included a pic of my card which i used to deposit front and back. A pic of my out of date passport. A letter from a government body (hmrc) a letter from tv licence, a bank statement and a letter from my social security agency. All these in date of about a month or so they then sent back an email stating another copy of passport -expired. So i sent it again to which they then sent back saying no not acceptable. It would need to be a valid id passport, driving licence or national id card, Which is fair enough. So i I applied for my national id card of my nation from my government which here in Northern Ireland our national id card is called an electrol card. It is then used as valid id and allows me to be able to vote and fly with airlines amongst other things. This is my national id card for Northern Ireland. I then emailed a pic of this front and bank to casino cruise and they are unwilling to accept it. I have never heard of this before in my life and all other gaming companies i am with actually accepted my out of date passport as it was backed up by so much supporting documents. Bit alas i understand they dont and wont accept an out of date document but my electrol card is a valid national ID and was issied to me by my governmemt so i dont understanf how this is not within their terms and conditions of a valid id. At this rate i am distraught that they have taken £270 of my hard earned money and are not willing to pay me out what is rightfully mine. Could you please assist me in this. I can send u all the documents i have sent them. I look forward to hearing from you

Yours thankfully

Amy Roberts United Kingdom
posted on September 26, 2016.

I have just recieved an email saying that they have accepted my id and my withdrawal will be processed within 48 hours. Thankyou casino cruise

posted on September 29, 2016.

Dear Amy,

I have been informed by our Customer Support that your funds where processed yesterday, 28.09.2016.

Please let us know if there are any issues with the funds arriving to your account.

Kind Regards,
Casino Cruise

Amy Roberts United Kingdom
posted on September 29, 2016.


Yes thanks i received the funds thankyou very much casino cruise

Kind regards

posted on September 29, 2016.

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