Begado Casino - Account closed after verification without any given reason

iealean United States
posted on October 23, 2014.

I had to summit faxback form all with my identity verification to make a withdraw from my acct... the representative to me the only way for me to send the forms and documents was via email in pdf format. or cell phone... I begin summitting forms on 10-2-14 and I received an reply email stating that my documents weren't clear and I need to resummit them. ive have resummited these documents at least five times all the up to 6.06 pm of 10-22-14 when I live chatted with the rep and he had me resend confirmation of my ach deposit number. now its the next day 10-23-14 I go to log in my acct and im locked out with an message saying call customer service. I call customer service and they notify me that my acct is closed due to security issues.... and that they don't have any further info....but they can email them but due to security risk they wouldn't be able to disguise any issues. I ask for the department number they said they don't have it to give to me and that they will email them about my compliant

posted on October 27, 2014.


please send me your username so I can check into this.

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posted on October 27, 2014.

We send to the casino user's details.

iealean United States
posted on October 28, 2014.

to whom it may concern

im writing you regarding my refund- refund amount....

I just got off the phone with a representative by the name of Luis who informed me that my refunded is only 44.00 dollars. this amount is incorrect. Before my acct was closed I had 5192.00 dollars. and of me wanting to withdraw 3000.00 for moving purposes. I had to send in the fax back form and id along with my documents, in order to make an with draw. I did that several times because I kept receiving emails that my copy wasn't clear enough...and that you didn't have a fax number where I could fax my documents... after talking to your representative 10-22-14 and he said I needed to confirm only my ach number that was the only issue which I sent it to him and he said he received it and that he was sending to your department. 10-23-14 I try to log into my account and I receive a message stating that I need to call customer service. in calling customer service I was then notify that my account was closed due to security reasons... and they don't know what security issue it is and that they only way to communicate is only via email.

1. I feel in whatever security issues that may have up rose someone should have notified me immediately so that it could have maybe been resolved....

2. personally via email is not always a way to get things sent ... which that's why fax would be more sufficient and effective in receiving documentation.

3. my issue with is still not resolve because your business still owes me 5,145 dollars and I would like the rest of my money....

4. I want also what was my security issue especially since I have every email that I sent and received. because honestly i had to start calling because a response email i stop receiving in general after resubmitting that's negligence on your part.

In all due respect i just want what was in my account that i rightfully won and had owned for three weeks and i just want to only withdraw 3000.00 and now you closed my account and im left with 0