Varying Complaints about Winner Casino

posted on April 18, 2013.

Hi and thanks in advance if you can help - here we go-

I signed up with winner casino taking advantage of their £30 no deposit bonus (tho this bonus is offered, there is no page with terms and conditions on< i have looked everywhere on site)

The £30 comes with a £1500 turnover requirment- i reached this turnover requirement and tried to withdraw my winning which stood at £750 gbp -

I was told i couldnt withdraw until I deposited at least £50 then I could withdraw my winnings

I deposited £50 and attempted the withdrawal - It failed spoke with online help they told me i could only withdraw £200 as per terms and conditions<<?? (as stated I could find these) plus i was allowed to withdraw my deposit

so £250 in total, which is fair enough i suppose however my problem comes because AFTER MY DEPOSIT - i won a further £500 so my balance stands at £1112 - now they are messing me around will not assist me wont tell me how much i can withdraw and just keep advising me to keep checking my email

Im pretty sure they just want to avoid me until i spend the balance again (which i wont)

so now i cant play cant withdraw and am being ignored can you help

posted on May 21, 2013.

Apologies from Winner Casino for not replying to this before! Is it solved meanwhile? Please update us!