888 Casino - Gave them wrong IBAN accidentally, now they refuse to cooperate

Dean Ash United Kingdom
posted on June 5, 2015.

unusual complaint, not been listed here yet. I shall try to keep it short: in a nutshell, i made a mistake with withdrawal.

I had never heard of swift/bic and iban. the information i got from barclays and from 888 withdrawal guide didn't mention which 8 digits to enter from the 14 digit iban. I mistakenly put in the first 8 and didn't realise until after process had been done and payment released on wire tranfer.

so i mistakenly had entered my sort code and first 2 numbers of account as the iban. I realised the day after payment released. namely tuesday 2nd june. the wire is said to take 4-7 working days, so; i phoned 888, nothing they can do - understandable.

phoned barclays - nothing they can do, but advised it would be a simple matter for 888 to contact worldpay and advise them that the payment they have has the wrong details. thats where it all goes wrong.

4 phone calls 1 email to transactions dept (3 day wait to be told nothing can be done) and 1 live chat and 3 days later - all saying same thing - we cant contact worldpay, nothing we can do, money is no longer held by us.

They dont seem to be understanding plain english, i told them i know they don't have the money, i am simply asking them to advise world pay that payment details were wrong, so that world pay can stop the payment.

I even rang worldpay who said: i dont know why they havent simply called us to advise us to stop the process from our end.

I have since rang barclays twice, who have continued to say: it would be simple for 888 casino to phone and advise world pay to stop the payment from their end.

I am worried because their is a small chance that the incorrect digits i entered could turn out to be a live account, in which case the money doesn't bounce back and i lose it. £600 to me is a lot of money. why is it that worldpay and barclays tell me it is would have been as simple as 888 advising worldpay of situation and yet 888 flatly refuse saying it cant be done.

At this point, now fri 6th june, it is likely going to be too late and I have to hope the account isn't live. I know it was my massive mistake; but the info on which 8 digits to enter was not clear on 888 or barclays.

Dean Ash United Kingdom
posted on June 8, 2015.

it is actually solved now, i got lucky as the payment bounced back from the bank and im now withdrawing the complaint. i tried to pull this complaint but alas was too late. it should serve as a cautionary tale to those confused by iban stuff though.