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Casino Cruise - Unfair confiscation of winnings


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Posted on March 19, 2017

I have been playing slots for fun for a couple of years and had written down some nice bonuses that I found here at Askgamblers, one was Casino Cruise that I signup on and made my first deposit. I registered a account 09/03/2017 on and made a deposit of 1500sek with Trustly and got my welcomebonus. I read all terms before I play since I know how hard the casinos are if you breach any terms. I have followed all the terms and rolled out the bonus in a couple of hours since I just keept winning and play 40-50kr/spin the whole way. I made a withdrawal 09/03 for 21900kr and another of 2115 the 10/03, since maximum cashout was 21900 with Trustly. All my documents and was verified 3 days ago and the withdrawal would be processed within 72h. I went to the chat and asked why it takes another 72h to send me the money but they said it was standard procedure but all is fine. Since no money reached my bankaccount yet I logged in to the casino cruise account today around 12.00 to check if it was still pending and it was, I got irritated and asked the chat when they will send me the money since it´s only 5h until the 72h deadline has passed. At 13.00 today I got a mail saying all my money has been confiscated due to break of T&C wich is a lie since I have read every single term and never breach it. I played from my computer, my IP, and so on. I have video evidence of all my gaming history, chat, mail and transactions as well if you need it.

Please help me out here since this is just not right !
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Posted on March 22, 2017

Dear Casino Cruise,

Please let us know if there's some update regarding this case.