7Red Casino - Should Refund Due to Violation of Spanish Gambling Regulations

Evergoa Sweden
posted on November 10, 2015.

7 Red is not a valid legal operator in the Spanish territory as per Spanish Regulations: http:/­/ww­w.d­goj­ueg­o.m­inh­ap.g­ob.es­/en­/qu­e-e­s-e­l-j­ueg­o-i­legal

I'm a sick gambler inscribed in an interdiction list, and protected by these Laws. 7 Red allowed me to deposit and play in their casino without checking first if I was in the interdiction list: http:/­/ww­w.d­goj­ueg­o.m­inh­ap.g­ob.es­/en­/rgiaj

They are a really good casino. Far away from all that I have ever seen in internet. But they have to accomplish with the Laws that govern my country and no deposit or registry should have been allowed in their site, with my personal ID.

I only request them to reimburse my losses on the site, amounting 3.275 €. I don't want any further benefit or liquidation of damages, I understand it is complex to be aware of all the rules of all the Countries.

posted on November 11, 2015.


I think you already contacted our support concerning this case and they confirmed no reimbursement can be processed.

As specified in our T&Cs that you accepted on registration (art 17) : You are solely and separately responsible for complying with the laws of the jurisdiction that governs the locality you reside in.


Evergoa Sweden
posted on November 11, 2015.


In my opinion you don't have any kind of mechanism to detect compulsive gaming (like having daily deposit limits), and in my opinion it is a mistake and an irresposability from your side, but of course cannot be discussed here as it seems that you are throwing me directly to the Casino general T&C tiger.

I'm going to address you to the Spanish Laws. Please note that as per your article, I am solely and separately responsible for complying with the Spanish Laws. Let me add another thing. You, as a merchant, seller, gambling site, and since you are offering the game in my Country frontiers, are TOTALLY subject to the Spanish Laws.

Let me retrieve the current Gambling Law in place in Spain (Ley 13/2011, de 27 de mayo, de regulación del juego), officially published here: http:/­/ww­w.b­oe.e­s/­bus­car­/do­c.p­hp?­id=­BOE­-A-­201­1-9280

Art 6: Objective and subjective prohibitions: 2. From a subjetive point of view, it is prohibited the participation in the games defined in this Law to: b) The people that voluntarely had solicited to be interdicted / blacklisted from gambling activities. 3. With the sole intention of granting the efectiveness of the above mentioned subjective prohibitions, the National Gambling Comission, will establish the relevant measures that, according to the natureness of the game and the potential prejudice to the participant, can be required to operators. Accordingly one "Interdiction List" and another "people vinvulated to gambling list" will be created. Both will be valid in the whole National territory.

I'm tired of translating Laws into English. You can read the whole document where you will find more circumstances that apply to this case and to your current status in Spain.

Basically I was registered in the correspondent Spanish Interdiction List list while playing in your casino as I supported you with the relevant document. A National Law has more force than one Casino general T&C. Remember that you are licensed by Curaçao but you have to accomplish with the Laws of the Countries where you render your gambling services (it is the same reason you have used against me addressing me to your T&C the one I'm using against your argumentation addressing you to my Country Laws), as you are rendering electronic services INSIDE the frontiers of the Country.

I have deeply discussed this fact with you with no success. Let's hope we can reach a friendly solution were you can demonstrate your compulsive gambling social responsibility.

Again, I'm not searching for any benefit here. I have a very good opinion of your Casino (as shown in the rating I posted) but it is not acceptable that you simply look to the other side when you have strong proofs of compulsive gaming in your website, moreover when you are breaking the Country customer Laws.