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Lucky247 Casino - Unclaimed winnings and linked account disputes

Inactive user
posted on September 29, 2015.

hello, last year I had a win of 10,000, I played about 1000 or 2 back to the casino. at the time I did not have my copies of id available as my wife had accidently packed them with her to Greece but sent through my Australian citizens papers and some other things. I was knocked back with I understand however I was able later on once I received these to forward them through to the casino. my documents where accepted but then I was told that I had 2 linked accounts and need to provide an explanation. one was my daughters and the other her boyfriends as they had to move back home for a while. I'm not sure how but I sent through to the casino the explanation and sent through a copy of my daughters passport however matthew did not have a valid drivers license and has never held a passport. I explained this to support and asked what I could do as they had a bad break up etc. after months and no solution I have just tried to wait for matthew to get his license back but it was not ment to be. i around 9 or so days ago i emailed though a copy of matts birth exract and also a recent utility bill as he and my daughter are back to get and live together and enquired about my unclaimed winnings. i just receive the usual this is with our management team. i keep having to email every couple of days in hope for some sort of reply as i had only just started playing with this casino and won immediantly, is this why i am struggling to receive this payout as i would like to play with the casino again but my account was locked out a couple of days after my big win.

posted on October 1, 2015.

hi Chris ,

Thank you for your post.

We have replied to your post via our internal support mailbox in response.

warm regards,
Lucky247 Casino Support

Inactive user
posted on October 1, 2015.

in response to your email Lucky247 of:
Dear ,

Account: christos47

We write with regards to your Lucky247 Casino account.

Your account has been reviewed and in light of the information provided by our third party processor, we hereby notify you of the casino management’s decision to exercise our right to initiate point 19.3 of our Terms and Conditions.
This entails termination of your Account at Lucky247 Casino.

Please see the link below for more detail:
To Play Central (Ltd) reserves the right to close or terminate Your account at its sole discretion.

We trust the above information sufficiently validates our conclusion in this matter.

Lucky247 Casino Support


NO..... your email is not sufficient enough in regards to this matter!!!!
A sufficient reply would actually advise me as to why I cannot have my winnings.
I provided photo id for myself and for ur other requests except for 1 whom does not have any however I sent through birth extracts a copy of the expired license, utility bills, court documentation etc
These last few days I have been going through all the complaints against your casino yet I held out a glimmer of hope that the right thing would be done but regrettably not.
I would like a full and detailed explanation in regards to this decision as your reply saying that you just have the right to do so cause it is in your terms does not resolve the issue.
im aware that I was a new member and that the most I had deposited before my 10,000 win with your casino was $150.
however seeing as everytime I have emailed your casino since then ive struggled to get a straight answer it seems to me that you never intented paying me my winnings but just trying to find excuses or that i would just forget about it!
please kindly provide me with my request above.


Inactive user
posted on October 2, 2015.

U no wat im over it and at endnof the day you guys are right and I accept that I just want something witch I realy dint diserve anyways ******­***­***­***­******* ha e a good day now thanks

Inactive user
posted on October 4, 2015.

Pls just mark this as unresolved as its evident lucky 247 do not honour customers with winnings and value money over players and there reputation. Thank ask gamblers for posting my initial request much appreciated.

posted on October 7, 2015.

We consider the behavior shown by the player in his post and emails as absolutely incompatible with the minimum standards of decency and normal attitude and behavior during an ongoing dispute at AskGamblers Complaints Service. Such behavior is considered as a direct breach of the Terms & Conditions associated with AskGamblers Complaints Service and therefore, player's case is being rejected.

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