Tropica Casino No Bonus €3800 NO PAY

posted on August 24, 2012.

I never play with a bonus to avoid the problems involved being paid.

I played in Tropica Casino for the first time made €400 deposit and played Roulette.

I got lucky and won €3800 and cashed out.

They asked for notarized ID and picture of myself holding the ID.

Although I was never requested to send such info I went to the notary office and sent them everything they asked for.

Their claims are ridiculous .

Hi Chantal,

Your account is locked for a number of reasons:

1. Suspicious behaviour and gameplay

2. Suspicious documentation

3. Multiple Accounts across the Rival Network

4. Using a Betting System to play

5. Non compliance with documentation request

6. Multiple IPs

7. VPN Software detected

As a result, your account has been suspended and will remain as such at

Tropica Casino.

Your €400 deposit will be refunded to Neteller today.


Tropica Security

1. I never used any betting system to play. I made the deposit and bet on 2,3 numbers and got lucky right at the beginning I think it was the second bet I already won at their casino

2. My documents are not suspecious , I sent them the notary office details to verify the authenticity of the documents

3. I played only at 4 casinos using rival

Multiple IPs, the IP changed every day here. VPN - I don"t know what it is, never used a betting system

I won in one more casino in the Rival Network and I got paid smoothly. These are the only cash out I have ever made in the RIval Network. The rest of depostis were lost in the other 3 Casinos I played at.

posted on September 1, 2012.

You are most welcome to send any proof and I am not Blackmailing.

Where exacrly as I black mailing your casino, did I threat your casino

Again an accusation and aggressiveness from your side against who, against a player who came and trusted your casino played with his own money 400 EUR and won 3800 EUR in your Roulette, how is it Blackmailing, unless I don't understand the word Blackmailing. Why are you doing that is beyond me.

You want to show your proof please do. Actually you already sent me an email with your proof and it was published.

Your proof says , . Suspicious behaviour and gameplay. is your software games Suspicious, I played your games.

Suspicious documentation - Call the notary lawyer and verify the documents, why to blame and say suspicious. maybe your firm is Suspicious

I will never Blackmail your casino but I will run after you until you pay my winnings.