Treasure Island Jackpots Casino - want my payment

posted on January 10, 2013.

I made a withdrawal of $950.00 on Dec 14, 2012. Even though I previously submitted all required verification documents, on Dec 15th, they request again; which I promptly emailed. Upon withdrawal, the system stated that it would be processed within 48 hours. Yet, 3 days later, on Dec 17th, it was still pending. On Dec 18th, and Dec 19th, I emailed requesting the status; no reply. Oddly on Dec 19th, my credit card received 4 fraudulent charges. Coincidence, hmmm? The charges were not directly from the casino, but seriously? So, then I had to cancel that card and requested my withdrawal to be processed via "Courier Check"; which I was to pay $30.00 for. After several more emails, I finally received a response on Dec 28th stating "It will be submitted for payment in 3 to 5 business days". I should state that in between this time I actually called the casino. I was told to contact via Live Chat. I connected to Live Chat and was told to email.. REALLY?? On Jan 2, 2013 I once again emailed to request a status update. On Jan 4th I received an email stating that the check had been sent out, but they could not provide a tracking number. As I paid for it be sent by courier, there should be tracking number. I replied on Jan 4th asking for such. No reply...again. I emailed again yesterday, to no avail. I've spent thousand of dollars at this casino. Now I finally make a withdrawal and they aren't paying.

posted on January 20, 2013.

Payment finally received. Check was not sent on or prior to Jan 4th, as stated in email received from customer service. Was not sent until Jan 9th.

Summary... original withdrawal 12/14, verification docs emailed 2x, no response. Change to check payment on 12/20. No response to numerous emails thereafter until 1/4. Numerous emails requesting tracking number, no response until Jan 11th.

Customer service HORRIBLE, Payout time around 1 month

posted on January 20, 2013.

 Complaint solved!