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Planet 7 Casino - Been told numerous lies & still not paid

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Planet 7 Casino
Reason Delayed payment
Amount $ 2500
Scholtesg021369 United States
Posted on April 15, 2017

I won $2500 at planet 7 on or about Feb 13th 2017. I send in all my paperwork for a withdrawal immediately. They said the never received it I sent it again a week later. The did get it that time. my withdrawal was approved and i was awaiting my check..I have contacted them almost daily still no check just lies. it was escalated on march 4th. still over a month later no check and every time I message them the tell me it has been delayed as they have too many winners.
This has went on long enough. Can someone please help me...

Scholtesg021369 United States
Posted on April 18, 2017

Denzel: For your security, please verify the Email address, Username, and phone number on your account so that I can assist you further.
scholtesg0213: Has my check been mailed yet
Denzel: Thank you very much for that information! Allow me one moment to access your account please.
Denzel: Hello Gerald, how are you today?
scholtesg0213: Ok I guess. Been fighting this battle with my check for a long time
Denzel: Allow me a moment to check that for you.
scholtesg0213: Ive been told 20 times it's been escalated and it is delayed
Denzel: We received, processed and approved your documents on March. And Your withdrawal request was approved on March, 20, 2017.
scholtesg0213: It was approve before that. It was escalted on march 4th.
Denzel: So you provided every necessary procedures to receive your money.
scholtesg0213: They re escalated it
scholtesg0213: So it has not been sent out yet again
Denzel: Due to a heavy volume of requests, we are a bit delayed. However, bear in mind that everyone who is approved for a withdrawal will receive all of their winnings. We appreciate your patience.
scholtesg0213: This is crazy. I won that money in february
scholtesg0213: My patience has run out. I wish there was a way to go with legal action. This is stealing from people.
Denzel: We are not able to give you a definitive day that you will receive your withdrawal. However, we can guarantee you that every approved withdrawal will definitely be paid.
scholtesg0213: So do u pay me interest. That is my money and how do I know if I will ever get it. I have been lied to so many times
scholtesg0213: The withdrawal was approved in February and escalated
scholtesg0213: On march 4th. I have chat transcripts proving it
scholtesg0213: Now you are saying it wan approve in march
scholtesg0213: Was
Denzel: I am sorry for the inconvenience, I understand your frustration.
Denzel: But I will assure you that you will have your money.
scholtesg0213: And i have been told 6 times someon would call me in 10 min and NEVER RECIEVED A PHONE CALL. More lies
scholtesg0213: I'm sorry. I cannot believe anything I am told by this casino. Repeatedly telling me lies
Send LineEnd Chat

Posted on April 20, 2017

Hi SCHOLTESG021369--

I'm incredibly sorry for all the frustration you've been through with this.

I'm not certain why, but the notes on your account state that we're waiting on your preferred payment method. After reading this thread, it is very clear to me that you're requesting a check--I don't know how this wasn't picked up on. I can only apologize again.

Knowing that you're requesting a check, I will make certain that your payment is in the queue to head off to processing, straight away. With this in mind, I would expect that tracking will come through early next week. Once I receive your tracking, I'll come back to update this thread.

All the best,


Scholtesg021369 United States
Posted on April 22, 2017

Is there any updates on this

Posted on April 26, 2017

Hi Scholtesgo--

Yes--I'm happy to update this by telling you your payment was sent to be processed late last week. With this in mind, I expect your tracking to come through before the end of this week. As soon as I receive your tracking, I'll come back with another update.


Scholtesg021369 United States
Posted on April 27, 2017

Well someone needs to check on this.
Just chatted to see if there was tracking and this is what I get.
scholtesg0213: Can u see if there is tracking for my withdrawal yet
Kelvin: Thank you very much for that information! Allow me one moment please.
scholtesg0213: Ok
Kelvin: It was escalate on the 4/11/2017 is still early for a reply this moment.

Posted on May 1, 2017

Hi SCHOLTESG021369--

I'm incredibly frustrated by what you've been told. Plain and simple, it's not accurate and I've already spoken with our Quality Control manager about this.

As I previously stated, your payment has already gone off to be processed and I'm just waiting on your tracking. Usually, I receive tracking a bit quicker, but I'm quite certain it should be here within the next few days. I will come back and update just as soon as I have your tracking in hand.


Scholtesg021369 United States
Posted on May 2, 2017

Well another week and still no tracking. I guess the processors just do as they please and send the check whenever they want. Im sorry if i am sounding rude but this has carried out way to long I won this money on Feb 13th. it dont take this long when other casinos have you paid in 3-4 days.

Scholtesg021369 United States
Posted on May 3, 2017

Wow. I am so mad. These people have told me numerous times my check was for $2500. Check finally came today and it was for $250.01. I just don't know what else to do. I feel like I Am getting scammed here

Scholtesg021369 United States
Posted on May 3, 2017

Here is the transcript between me and the casino just now. In so many words i was called a liar...
scholtesg0213: I received my long anticipated check today and when i opened it up surprise!!! it was for $250.01 and not the $2500.00 that i won and was told i was going to get
Roman: Please allow me a few moments to check into this.
scholtesg0213: ok
scholtesg0213: and plus I sent in my paperwork twice and it had my correct address on it and low and behold for some reason they sent not to my old address also
scholtesg0213: i am beyond furious at this point
scholtesg0213: they sent it to my old address
scholtesg0213: good thing i know the fed ex driver
Roman: I am sorry for this situation.
scholtesg0213: can you tell me what is going on
scholtesg0213: is this casino a scam
Roman: Please send an email with a photo of the check to paymen­[email protected]­cas­ino­sup­por­tce­nte­r.com
Roman: We will resolve this as soon as possible.
scholtesg0213: i had to have that money today this is going to take months again
scholtesg0213: what do i need to put in the email
Roman: There is a note on your account that we have sent $2500
Roman: You need to send the proof, that you have really received $250
scholtesg0213: i just sent it
scholtesg0213: how long will this process take
scholtesg0213: can you see if you received the email
Roman: I don't have an access to this email, this is for finance department.
Roman: Approximately 5 days.
scholtesg0213: i need to talk to someone..i need answers. this is alot of money we are talking about here
Roman: The finance department will respond as soon as possible.
scholtesg0213: I need to talk to them now
scholtesg0213: on the phone..i leave messages and never get called back
Roman: It is a night here right now. Finance department will be here in 10 hours.
scholtesg0213: why is this. you have a great casino and getting a terrible reputation because of stuff like this
Roman: We are working with 3rd party processors to make everything legal, this is the cause for some delays and issues like this.
scholtesg0213: in america this is called fraud
scholtesg0213: i would find a different PROCESSOR because the one you use is terrible
Roman: Sorry for that, please be sure that we will resolve this as soon as possible.
Roman: Is there anything else that I may help you with?

Scholtesg021369 United States
Posted on May 3, 2017

Here is the email i received advising me of my check
Dear Gerald,

Thank you for choosing Planet7 casino, we are happy to assist you.

We have received the tracking information for your recent payment via FedEx. For further delivery details, contact Fedex at:1.8­00.G­o.F­ed­Ex(­1.8­00.4­63.3339).

Fedex Tracking:

For$2500 + no Service Fee (Ask gambler) Check II transaction #70724947

Ship (P/U) date: Thu 02/05/2017

Scheduled delivery: Fri 03/05/2017

waynesboro/GA 30830

Instructions: DO NOT EVER calls the number of the bank or the processor listed on the check. Due to the nature of processing regulations, it is important NOT to contact the processor directly as it may jeopardize the clearance of the funds into your bank account and incur fees.

Please keep in mind that once you receive your check, you should deposit it ONLY and it may NOT be endorsed under a third party name or signed to CASH. The check must be deposited within the first 30 days of the issuing date on the check.

Do not go to a cashing agency location! These checks are Canadian and can only be deposited into a checking or savings account that takes Canadian checks. A check cashing service will likely confiscate the check and we are not responsible after \ will not be able to re-issue you another one!

Should you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to write us back.

Kind Regards,

Posted on May 7, 2017

Hi Scholtesgo213--

This is one of those mistakes that baffle me, but it is genuinely a mistake.

Two payments were sent off (yours and another player, as well) that for whatever reason were missing a zero. In your case, you received $250, rather than $2500 (exact same issue with the other player). I can't explain how/why this happened, however, as soon as this was caught, we took action to correct this.

To that end, I know Polina already contacted you via email regarding this. We've already sent the shortfall payment to processing to be paid immediately. There should be no delays in getting this payment off to you.

I'll be back once your tracking comes through.

My sincerest apologies for this,


Posted on May 10, 2017

Dear @Scholtesg021369,

Please make sure to update your issue in a timely manner and let the AskGamblers Complaints Team know if you got the payment. Keep in mind that in case you fail to respond within the given time frame we will consider your issue as resolved and your complaint will be closed accordingly. Thank you for your cooperation.

Posted on May 11, 2017

Hi Scholtesgo213--

I received your tracking a bit late in the day today, however, I'm so relieved to see you've received the payment which resolved the shortfall error from a few days back.

Again, I give you my sincerest apologies for the screw-up and delays.

All the best,


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