Titan Casino won't pay me

posted on May 2, 2012.

so i put over $2000 on the site and win $10250 on Dream Treasure 2.I than play video Poker games and win another $15,000.I get my account up to $29,000 and decide to withdrawl at $25,000 but the site only allows me to cash out $20,000 with a bank wire transfer so I play the other money while I wait and lose of course.I wait 4 days to have my withdrawl be APPROVED and not WAITING.I call the site and do online help to get the same answer it is being looked at and hopefully approved for the sunday.They than call me on the monday to tell me I am not elgible for the cashout because of terms and conditions.Because I played video poker after I won on the slot game,according to their terms and conditions you are not allowed to lay 90% of the games if you recieved bonuses upon deposits.EVERYBODY recieves bonuses.There is no code and no option.This is apart of their scam!!!They put my name on the homepage as one of the big winners for everyone to think they are legit and people actually can win money.They tell me that I am not elgible for the winnings and take the $18,000 from my pending withdrawl and tell me they are sending me my $2000 I put on the site out of good faith.and take my name of the homepage as a winner.Are you serious??Where are my winnings!!!!!!!You take $18,000 and throw me $2000 which I probably will never see to shut me up.Peole do not gamble on this site!! They scam you with bonuses You may as well play for free because you will never be a winner.Some guy spencer from Canada also won I would love to know if he got his money.I want my money..$20,000 that is....