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Titan Casino - Will not pay me - delay after delay

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Titan Casino
Reason Delayed payment
Amount $ 9000
Posted on July 15, 2014

Hi Guys, it saddens me to have to go to these lengths to get paid, but what I want is the public to know what a pack of xxxxxxx and liars Titan Casino are.

I have been a member of Titan a while, but never played there much (my gut was right) - I play at and who are reputable and honest companies.

Exactly 8 days ago now, I deposited a small amount into my account ($25) and got a bonus of $30 or so and played the slots as per usual - slots and slots only. I was playing the game GREAT BLUE, played for quite a while on small bets from 50c to $1.25. The turnover requirement on the bonus was around $2,0000. Anyway, I got a great feature and what do you know, on $1.25 bet I won over $9,000. I played for a long time after, and decided to withdraw the $9,000 - ensuring I had met the turnover which had long passed - all fine.

I then immediately sent my ID docs in as required - they were confirmed all ok by Titan within a day, along with muy deposit form all signed. I got an email from Jackie Humprey - supposed manager their congratulating me. so - ALL DOCS ARE IN ON the 10th and accepted - and confirmed.

Today is the 17th - a week later AND I HAVE NOT BEEN PAID A CENT. On their site, it says 4 business days well..that has well and truly gone!! I have emailed, been on chat so many times and they just keep on lying and telling me 48 hours - then 48 hours comes - then another 72 hours!! That is what they just told me on chat - SO THJAT WOULD MAKE IT OVER 12 days - THEY HAVE NO EXCUSE AND ARE BLATANT LIARS! All docs are in, all wagering done, all requirements met - and they just delay and delay it with no reason or excuse at all.

I want two things to happen here:

(1) Obviously to get my $$ (2) THE PUBLIC TO KNOW WHAT THEY ARE LIKE SO YOU NEVER PLAY THERE YOURSELF and put up with what I have had too :

I have been smart about this and kept the latest chat session I had with them - and a person by the name of Solenn - please read it for yourself and see the joke that is this process:

annagggg: Hi there

Solenn: Hi Anna ! Solenn here from Online Support.

Solenn: How are you doing today?

annagggg: I need some help with an isue thanks

Solenn: Sure, no problem,

annagggg: I am ok - very angry at you guys but ok

Solenn: What kind of an issue ?

annagggg: i ahve ha da withdrawlpending now OR OVER A WEEK

Solenn: I'll check on that.

annagggg: i keep getting told the same crap - we will get back to you, blah blah

annagggg: now - I was told by derrick - over 48 hours ago - that it would be sorted out within 48 hours!


annagggg: Solenn - i relaixe this is not your fault

annagggg: but it is well beyond the joke now and your delay tactics and stories ar eno longer acceptable

Solenn: I see your pending withdrawal Anna, and it's still pending.


Solenn: I'll go ahead and check why this is happening.

annagggg: thanks

Solenn: Please give me 5 - 10 minutes Anna if that's okay.

annagggg: i play at lots of playtech casinos - i am vip at winner and

annagggg: and i am also a member of casinomeister, and ask gamblers

annagggg: and Solenn

Solenn: Every players should be treated fairly and nice. I'll do everything I can to assist you today.

annagggg: as it is over week now - I thought I would contact you guys once more before i start the complaint against you at other parties - i do not want to do that - but you are leaving me no choice

annagggg: thanks Solenn

annagggg: i appreciate your time

Solenn: My pleasure. Still checking Anna.

annagggg: I was told 48 hours ago - all is fine, ID docs are in, deposit confirm form is in (which it is_ - "we are waiting for sign off from manage,ent" - i was told

annagggg: obviously a lie - as 2 days later still nothing

Solenn: I was about to ask you about documents.

annagggg: they are all in and accepted - i have to the conifrmations and also, was confirmed on chat the other day

annagggg: what annoys me the most - is you say 4 business days - fine - but we are now past 5 business days and nearly 8 days in all!!!!!!!!

annagggg: and more than anything

annagggg: it is the lies - like i was told by derrick last

annagggg: he told me to wait 48 hours - i would get the answer re its processed

annagggg: and 2 days later NOTTHHHIIINNGGGG

annagggg: when will this end?

annagggg: i have lost all faith in you guys..really..I can only believe lies for so long (not you of course)

annagggg: aso I will have to take this elsewhere - to a third party - like casinomeisters or ask gamblers to get it resolved - as I am being treated with contempt

annagggg: I will hold - ive waited over a week - thanks again for the help

annagggg: shoudl this not be resolved now, the next thing i will do when i get of chat - is get in touch with the sites i have mentioned and tell them what is going on - so other innocent people like me do not have to put up with this

Solenn: Please be advised that that's stated in the terms that there's no guarantee that there will be no delays on your withdrawal request

annagggg: ok

Solenn: Rest assured though that we will inform you for any update regarding your withdrawal request

Solenn: We are currently waiting for the Management's approval and once we hear from them we will immediately inform you .

annagggg: that is the same cra[ i heard 7 days ago

annagggg: thatwas the same story i got 3 days ago

annagggg: EXACTLY the same

annagggg: and i promise you - I AM NOT RESTING AT ALL

annagggg: not resting assured

annagggg: i was told 48 hours ago - i would get an answer - have a look at the chat

annagggg: NOW - more delays


annagggg: I am sure you will inform me - WHAT I WANT IS THE SIGN OFF FROM MANAGEMENT

annagggg: WHY IS THIS BEING DELAYE­D??­???­???­???­?WH­Y??­???­???????


Solenn: Like what I said earlier Anna we are currently waiting for the Management's approval.

annagggg: And Solenn - I do not care if it is the fine print in the terms and conditiosns - EVERY GAMBLER out there needs to know how you operate and the delays you are causing for no reason at all

annagggg: you have been working on that for 3 days !!!!!!!!! and i just keep getting told the same hting

annagggg: PLEASE - for all of our sakes - ADDRESS IT WITH MANAGEMENT NOW

annagggg: please answer this for me


Solenn: We don't have the specific reason on our end why this delay is happening.

annagggg: ok

annagggg: so if you dont have a reason - then who does Solenn??

annagggg: God help me really

Solenn: But rest assured that once the Management already responded regarding your withdrawal you will be informed.

annagggg: if there is no reason, which I appreciate is the honest truth

annagggg: then why cant it be done now??

annagggg: why cannot management respond NOW??? WHY?? Can you PLEASE - chase them up for me now and get an answer - PLEASE

Solenn: There are a lot of players who withdrew their winnings.

annagggg: I do not care about other players or your internal issues really

annagggg: you can see - it is well over due

annagggg: fair is fair Solenn

annagggg: please - please address this now for me - no more excuses - PLEASE

annagggg: contact management now please

annagggg: i am happy to hold

annagggg: please

annagggg: if you will not, please tell me why you will not

Solenn: The easiest way to get in touch with the management is by sending them an email

annagggg: when you take my deposits - my money - do I make you wait for it - and give you excuses as to why iI couldnt give it to you?


annagggg: 3 days AGO!

annagggg: I got a response - stating the same lines you use "rest assured we will contact you"

annagggg: THAT is not a response -

annagggg: PLEASE - WHY will you not contact them now??? WHY??

annagggg: why wont you??

annagggg: why?

annagggg: why??

annagggg: I will hold while you do - why wont you?

annagggg: why wont you contact them now and get this sorted out Solenn??? Why???

annagggg: ??

Solenn: That was what I have read on your account. Still waiting for the Management's approval.

annagggg: yes I know

annagggg: so whay wont you contact them now??

annagggg: why?

annagggg: please - I am asking you - the service point at Titan casino - to contact your management and sort this out now for me - will you do that??

annagggg: Please - contact management for me now

annagggg: ok???

annagggg: If you wont do it - please tell me why you will not??

annagggg: ??

Solenn: Your request is now at the Management's. All you have to do is to wait for their approval.

annagggg: can you please contact them now for me - and follow it up please

annagggg: i am happy to hold

Solenn: Our department already made a follow up.

annagggg: ok

Solenn: And same answer was told.

annagggg: so do we have an answer

annagggg: so management said - we will not answer this - is that right

annagggg: ?

Solenn: Wait for the Management's approval.

annagggg: ok

annagggg: when will that be?

Solenn: They're not just signing or looking at it. They also need some approval from the finance, bank, fraud and every department.

Solenn: Because it is money that we're dealing with.

annagggg: ok

annagggg: sure

annagggg: so when will that be then??? As you already WELL beyong all your advertised time frames - when will i get an response?

annagggg: Just so you guys know - i will proceed with contact third parties now, to get this fixed

annagggg: it has become very apparent - you will just continue to lie to me and delay it - until god know when - and it is only $9,000!!!!

annagggg: that is stuff all money - a drop in the ocean it is

annagggg: and all these lies, delays, and mistreatment over $9,000 - what a joke

Solenn: Yes, it's only $9,000 but it's still have to undergo same process with higher amounts.

annagggg: ok

annagggg: so what is the time frame Soleen - please give me one thanks - another one - and please - please - make it accurate for me

Solenn: Please contact us regarding this after 72 hours just to make sure we already have the Management's approval.

annagggg: another 3 days hey -

annagggg: this is beyond the joke

Solenn: Within 72 hours I'm sorry.

annagggg: i cant believe it

annagggg: ok - thanks for trying

annagggg: i will address this via other means

Solenn: You can always initiate chat with us.

annagggg: listen to me please

annagggg: not you personally - but you casino

annagggg: get this paid - asap - it is in your interest to do so

annagggg: ok?

annagggg: please try and do all you can

annagggg: please

Solenn: Believe me, even you look for other people to tlak about this issue they will just give you the same answer because that's what we have on your account.

annagggg: ok

annagggg: yes - i know

annagggg: it is nothing against you personally at all

annagggg: i understand that

annagggg: it is your management

annagggg: and i will address this - and am doing so now

annagggg: thanks -

annagggg: enjoy the rest of your day - and thanks for trying

Solenn: I understand and I hope I was able to clear this for you

SO there you go - make of that what you will...but I hope you can see what I mean - it is a fair dinkum joke. There is no reason for the delay at all - they are just doing it to stuff me around.

I hope you guys can help me get this sorted out and I really appreciate your time re this matter - thanks Guys - you keep this shady industry honest!

Please get back to me when you can

Posted on November 17, 2013

Dear @thequeen,

Please keep in mind that AskGamblers Complaints Team maintains zero tolerance towards verbal aggression or any other kind of behavior which could be considered as offensive. Please refrain from using abusive epithets from now on, otherwise it may result in your current complaint being rejected.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Posted on November 19, 2013

They made the payment today I believe - please update as such - not sure how to resolve on here

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