Titan Casino - Wager scam

posted on November 1, 2013.

Titan Casino is a complete scam!

I made adeposit for R800 - received a R1000 bonus and have been playing on and off for the lsat week. Yesterday my wager was down to R250. And then in one moment it went up to R50200!

I have been playing non-stop for the last 4 hours betting R20 per spin and guess what - the wager only went down to R32000.

When I questioned it - the 24 Support said - the wager is now R46000 left!

Complete scam !

posted on November 5, 2013.

Please see this issue closed and cleared with the player already. Our support Manager have called the player and also emailed him the full explanation and as for now, it looks like it is solved. For your information, the player had 100 ZAR free to start with. Also, the player deposited. The player actually misunderstand the wager amount found on his account and this has been clarified to him. The first wager found under his account was related to his 100 ZAR free and the 2nd one was related to his first deposit bonus. We kindly explained the player that there were no mistakes on the wager amounts as agreed with him, the only thing is that the system shows wager amounts with short delays between 2 actions.

posted on November 9, 2013.

 Kallie, please confirm this, so we can close the complaint!