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Titan Casino do not pay win money. Player aware

posted on July 10, 2012.

I hope my email today will reach to many people who are playing online casino, specially having an account with Titan Casino and raise an awareness to anyone come accross with the same situation or just a bell to the community .

I am Danny from Australia. I have an account with Titan Casino and been with them for a while, win and lose, I lost around AUD$4000.00 with them. However I did not give up with that and wanted to try my luck again so I put more money in and continues to play. All of the game I play was "LIVE DEALER ROULLETE TABLE". The reason I put that game name in bracket because as you know the rule of live dealer game, that is the result can not be set up by any machine and in my opinion it is the safest way to bet.

Saturday night the 07-07-2012, I played live dealer roullete as usual, and that was my lucky day as I win up to more than AUD$68k. On each of every step I win I took a capture of my computer screenshot and also record a video. I decided to withdrawn money in the stage of winning more than $68k. As soon as I click on "Cashier" button, the Titan casino software frozen. As soon as I log back in again, all my money was gone, only approx $45 Aud left on my balance. I was shock and contacted to their customer support right away at that night, the time was later than 12 pm in evening and they told me all of my bet was not on their system record, also they could not see anything in my bet history (??? how could this possible as they still take my money if I lose and if i win the balance money is go up before my eyes)

I then use the money have left on my account bet and got win up to more than $120aud. Then I contact them again and still get the answer of they did not see any winning, no bet record in history or in their system.......I took a screenshot and email them right away, the photo clearly show the balance i have of more than $120 and a chat window customer support said my balance is some where around $45.

I then have to call their international support phone number and spoke to Rica ( the name she provided to me) for more than half an hour just to try sort the thing out, all Rica said was their investigation team will answer to me within 24 hours. I asked Rica if I bet again and the same problem come up what should I do, also asked her and the technical team check up my account to make sure nothing wrong with it.

Next day, Sunday afternoon I try to bet again, this time the money got deducted but no pay when I win, oviously they fix their system but in casino favours: Do not show up win balance even when you win. I contacted online support, no responded, contacted game dealer, the dealer told me try to contact them again then after I wait 15 mins the online support rep answer me and ask me to check my game history and tell them which bet I won. I then check my history and saw the same problem as the day before, no recorded history shown, how come I know which game code is which , also not ONE bet was in record during the period of my play....I then email them the screen shot of the history page are blank without any record. After 20 mins I got my money refunded, less of more than $10 dollars from the start of my Sunday bet( still don't understand how could they end up with that amount, because if the money deducted from my bet, so where is the money when I win? )

Today the answer from their team in regarding my matter of winning more than $68 k and do not get paid was : they do not have any record of when I bet or when I win and they did not have any explaination to how come I have evidences of all of screenshots, videos I took and sent them on each step I won, clearly see the timezone, dealer, account balance........ What a joke and a funny solution they come acrossed with. This is surely of the sign they trying to walk around this situation.

I bring this matter to seek legal step, also to the Gambling Commission. I call for any one who ever have an issue with Titan Casino and any Gambling profesional legal advise contact me as we will together push hard for a fair play for all online casino player.