Titan Casino - Bonus Scam

Riff Raff United Kingdom
posted on September 29, 2014.

Signed up to titan casino direct on website.
No promo no bonus codes etc used
Deposited 32 pounds and one 150 on gold rally slots.
Tried to withdraw funds only to be advised I had a instant cash match deposited to my balance.
I was not asked if I wanted to opt in but had no choice.
I only found out once I tried to withdraw funds as it said I needed to wager 1960 pounds.
I was furious and rang them straight away.
They advised it's all over there website that I get a instant cash match with no consent needed from myself.
I then advised that I was using the mobile site which had nothing describing what they had said to me.
I said I did not enter no promos or opt in for any bonuses.
They basically said tuff luck which I did not accept.
I advised that this was a grand scam to make money off people as it will be near impposible to meet wager requirements from a 150 win and a 32 deposit.
So I might as well have just sent a cheque to them for 32 pounds as I was guaranteed to lose this before I started.
All I have been advised is that a manager will contact me in 48 hrs which from reviews is a common delay tactic.
They have blatantly been underhanded and deceitful in raking in all new comers with no regards.

£130 pounds I am trying to withdraw and they are cheating me out of such a small amount.
If I had agreed and opted in or used a promo code fair enough but at no point was I given the options to decline and was not made clear until withdrawal was attempted.

posted on October 4, 2014.

Dear @riff.raff.524,
Any update considering your complaint? Thank you.