Noble casino - They would not accept my photos, instead they closed my account

analum7 Ireland
posted on August 21, 2015.

On July 15 I won 6923 euro at Noble casino, and the next day they sent an email asking for documents.

On July 20 I sent a bill, a photo of my passport and a photo of me holding my passport to my face.

On July 20th Noble approved my bill and but did not approve my passport due to the flash mark and part of the edge outside the photo.
I sent a photocopy of my passport, but they said it was low quality and to send another photo with higher resolution.

On July 26 I sent a new photo of my passport
On July 27 they said it was too blurry.

On August 5 they asked for another photo of my passport.

On August 9 I sent another photo of my passport.

August 9 They said that photo was also not up to their standard, and asked for an alternate form of ID.

On August 18 I sent a scan of my Drivers Licence

August 18 they said my verification was unsuccessful, my balance is witheld and my account closed.
They did not mention my drivers licence, Im not sure they even looked at it.

So after 3 photos of my passport, one photo of me holding my passport to my face, one passport photocopy and one scan of my drivers licence, they refuse all of them and close my account? How is that possible?

posted on August 28, 2015.

Dear @analum7,

Any updates regarding your complaint?

Thank you.

analum7 Ireland
posted on August 30, 2015.

No updates, noble have not contacted me and my account is still closed