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They won't remove my bonus immediatley

posted on November 16, 2015.

I first deposited £300 and received a bonus of £200. I wasn't able to remove this myself, so I clicked 24/7 Live Support Chat, to no avail, as this option was 24 hour support at all - it was "offline". I sent an email which was responded to with congratulations on your win - bearing in mind I hadn't even played yet. I waited 15 hours - Live chat was online this time, I spoke to a member of staff who removed the bonus almost immediately. I lost my money and deposited £500 - this was matched with a bonus of £250. I have asked for this to be removed but to no avail. The member of staff first told me I can't remove the bonus because I have been playing. Upon explaining I haven't placed a single bet - this member of staff told me that they can't remove it because management haven't authorised it - I explained another member of staff had it removed immediately and was told that this is not allowed. Know I am confused and do not trust the casino or what this member of staff is telling me and just want to get my funds back or have the bonus removed as the wagering requirement is way over £10,000 which in my eyes is a scam to steal your money.
Below is the transcript:

Conor ******: Can you please remove my bonus or let me withdraw my funds because it is highly unlikely that I will get 500 to over 15,000 and then be able to keep some winnings after that. A member support on live chat was able to easily remove my bonus when I deposited £300 and the bonus of £200 was added, So now that I have added £500, can you now easily remove the bonus of £250.
Conor ******: **/0*/1992
Conor ******: conor*­***­***­*@g­mai­
Conor ******: Wayvee
Conor ******: just remove it or clearly explain why and let me withdraw my funds
Conor ******: otherwise I'm filing complains
Conor ******: complaints*
Luciana: the removal of your bonus earlier has been dont without the consent of a manager. i am afraid that i cannot remove this bonus for you, as i have to send your enquiry over at the management department. i will ask you to be patient while the management looks into your enquiry
Conor ******: So therefore you can remove it then
Conor ******: You said earlier you couldn't remove it because I had started play - explain that then?
Conor ******: I haven't started playing so you must be able to remove it then?
Luciana: as customer support, cannot remove this bonus without management consent.
Luciana: please remain patient while management looks into this enquiry
Conor ******: When will this be sorted
Conor ******: It's disgusting that you use so called "bonuses" and terms and conditions to steal peoples money and not even give them a fair chance or a choice of whether to opt in!
Luciana: shortly. i will email you with any updates shortly
Conor ******: I'm making a formal complaint right now on
Luciana: im sorry you feel this way. please remain patient while we try to sort this out for you
Conor ******: what timeframe is SHORTLY
Luciana: within the next hour
Conor ******: so what exactly is it that we are waiting for
Luciana: bonus removal aprove
Conor ******: and who is approving this
Conor ******: when
Luciana: management. shortly.

posted on November 21, 2015.

Dear @Wayvee,

Any update regarding your complaint? Thank you.

posted on November 25, 2015.

Still no response. Also they have blocked my account, so the "bonus" and my own £500 is trapped in their system.

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