Slotland Casino disabled my deposit capabilities without valid reasons

posted on June 3, 2014.

My relative referred me and her exhusband must have had a chargeback so they disabled my depositing capabilities. I do not live with him, do not bank with them and was verified. they lied to me for days and now will not even have the decency to reply now that i now why tthey wont let me deposit. it is quite annoying. they wont even offer a bonus for their error and just keep acting like they have no clue what is wrong but they disabled me a week ago

posted on June 4, 2014.

Hi cbaagc,

In response per your complaint, let's sum up the facts first

1/ you acknowledge a connection with a person who has made a sizeable chargeback - KEY fact
2/ you claim no one has contacted you giving you a clue of what's happening - LIE: the last reply of our Billing Department is only a day old, see the file attached for proof
3/ you claim you didn't get any bonus - LIE: your last deposit has been comp'ed no less than three times already, which you can see for yourself in the list of past transactions directly in your account
4/ what's not being said above, is that your next of kin who has referred you has made some more chargebacks against us herself; promised to provide us with documents which she eventually failed to deliver; kept continually breaking house rules by sharing account(s) with her ex-husband etc. - yet another KEY fact
5/ you apparently signed up at Askgamblers only to post your complaint

After being around for more than 15 years, Slotland sure knows how to appreciate loyal patrons that you or your next-of-kin once were. Sadly after the series of very unfortunate events you simply don't give us much choice, being further supported by finding out that now all three of you have a record on a black list of a global anti fraud solution used by our e-cash partners that we have no control of.

Which in plain words means that NOW WE CANNOT ACCEPT YOUR DEPOSITS even if wanted to, as clearly explained in an above mentioned email from our Billing Department.

I wish there was something else we could do, but I'm afraid it appears the time has come to part our ways.

Thank you for your understanding.

Yours Sincerely,

posted on June 4, 2014.

Will attaching the file work now?

posted on June 4, 2014.

Nope! Something Askgamblers might want to have a look at ;)

Link to the email mentioned above here: https:­//d­b.t­t/9­hdxSNTu

posted on June 6, 2014.

Let's tell the truth now. A) I have nearly 5 emails stating that Slotland has absolutely NO IDEA why I cannot deposit and I should "keep trying and even refresh my browser or try another browser perhaps". They cannot figure out what is wrong for the life of them. It was ONLY once I made the complaint that they suddenly.......B) Slandered my name with "fraudulent deposits". If this is so why am I able to deposit at two other casino's with NO PROBLEM at all. C) They told me sensitive information about the player who I happen to know, I do not live with but ONLY KNOW, who supposedly did a chargeback. D) They stopped payment on winnings of the person who referred me due to the fact that they also KNOW that same person. E) I did not complain about bonuses as that would be inaccurate on my behalf. Slotland gave me a whopping $10 on 5/30/14. It obviously did nothing but it was a bonus still the same. I have had my previous deposits pretty much matched so I cannot complain about the previous generousity. F) Basically, the person on their end is quite spiteful and out to get every player I am affiliated with including the one who referred me ALL DUE TO ONE mutual person doing a chargeback which as stated previously, they made SURE I knew that persons business.
Thank you,

posted on June 6, 2014.

Hi Claudette,

Nice to hear from you back. Sadly, my feeling is that this conversation is going astray, while it appears that you don't seem to be happy with my explanation of the situation here.

In my previous note I've tried to sum up the situation and pinpoint all the causes and effects that the actions of yours and/or your (ex-)relatives have resulted in. Too bad we can't do much to bring the good ol' days back. Let me try addressing your points once again ---

A/ I'm not familiar with your entire correspondence with my colleagues in Customer Support or Billing Department, so I can't/won't really comment on this

B/ You seem to be twisting the facts again. It actually wasn't us 'slandering your name with fraudulent deposits' but only finding out about the existing record which started red-flagging your deposits --- and which might have actually been the main cause why your deposits started to be declined.

C+D/ Sorry, but you were the one who actually shared this 'sensitive' info in your initial complaint above.

E/ Well, on top of that $10 bonus I see that essentially all your May deposits graced by the sheer amount of bonuses nearly tripling the deposit amount. So much for the 'whopping $10', let alone claiming Askgamblers freebie under dozen different accounts, which itself is a massive breach of house rules...

F/ Not sure if you mean me or Cathy, my colleague from our Billing Department, and I'm sorry if you were not happy with the answers we gave you.

Again, let me truly appreciated your past business and state once again how unhappy I'm about the course of your relationship with our brands. Sadly the option of going back does no longer seem to be available, which should be the key message of my note.

Wishing you the best of luck regardless of the Slotland successor that you will be playing at in the future.

Yours Sincerely,

posted on June 9, 2014.

OK, this is ridiculous. They are clearly confusing me with perhaps the person who referred me in their facts. A) They did not triple each deposit with a bonus. They offered certain bonuses for "new customers" which ran from 100 to 50 percent and they honored that. Customer support also added bonuses but never triple the amount. My bonus question to them was plain and simple. I asked if while they figured out why I could not deposit as they seemed clueless, I requested $25 from the supervisor to use. They keep throwing out the sign up bonuses which is not in question. B) They refuse now to acknowledge the multitude of emails that billing, NOT customer service sent to me telling me to "keep refreshing the browser, they will notify their IT department and they have no idea why I cant depost. C) They know that they disabled my deposits to get rid of me due to my other member aquaintances. D) I have not opened over 20 accounts. I signed up at my daughters on a night she had company and she signed up many guests trying to get Slotland more business as she was a 10 year member. I have no idea who joined other than me. I went home and played on my computer as well as faxed them my ID and credit card per their request for "verification". I noticed during that time, of verificiation, they had disabled my depositing and now the system acts EXACTLY the same so I am HIGHLY SUSPICIOUS that they disabled me again and are trying to say I am "blacklistd" from e-cash. If this were true I would not have many sucessful deposits with another site. I am truly saddened by the chain of events that have ocurred. I feel I am an innocent bystander being treated with mistrust and lies. It is unfortunate yet I want these things acknowledged by them. Thank you. Claudia

posted on June 9, 2014.

Hi Claudia,

I believe we both have better things to do, but let me yet again address your concerns above ---

A/ I didn't really say your each and every deposit was tripled in bonuses, only saying that the amount of your deposits was nearly tripled in bonuses given to you in total.
E.g.: Slotland account id CBA0***, total amount of deposits ever made and charged to your card $4**, total amount of bonuses ever given out: $1,*** (i.e. 2.72x multiple of the deposit amount). I hope this says it more clearly.

B/ This is Marketing Dept. that you're dealing with right now, as Billing Dept. is not in charge of handling affiliate-related matters (such as handling complaints on 3rd party sites such as Askgamblers). I also never questioned the possibility of our Billing Dept. sending you one or more emails with default generic advice of trying again at a latter time using a different browser (I know it's 21st century, but such errors still do occasionally happen). I did however already explain above that this may have occurred in a phase when we didn't know yet what's the cause of your transactions being declined (i.e. the record in the registry).

C/ Yet another false claim. Again and again, we didn't disable anything on our end. Only you yourself did make everyone aware a connection with one or more persons conduction wrongdoing (probably after you learned this from the communication with our Billing Dept.) Right now

D/ There is a record of over dozen different player accounts signed up under your surname and your street address. Not sure who opened these if it wasn't you. At any rate, they still seem to be in one way or another associated with you. You might also consider having a word with him/her/them coz they are essentially making YOU look bad.

Last but not least, let me confirm that at present you indeed ARE blocked from making real further money deposits to your and everyone else's Slotland account(s) and as persona non grata you nor anyone related to you are, I'm afraid, currently not allowed to play at Slotland any longer. This decision is final and shall not be revoked, so please stop making further attempts to fund your account as they will all end up turned down. Thank you for your understanding. Wishing you luck finding new site to play. I'm sure you'll find a healthy alternative e.g. here at Askgamblers.

Yours Sincerely,

posted on June 10, 2014.

We received a proof from the Casino, we considering this complaint resolved.