Teambet Casino - Hold my Payment?!

posted on September 30, 2013.

Customer SupportHello. How may I help you?

femi hello man

why they rollback my withdraw

Customer SupportChecking

femi since morning

Customer SupportFinancial department rolled back with note that you need to withdraw to your credit card.

femi but i used ukash for depoist

Customer SupportPlease be so kind to initiate withdrawal to your credit card

You have used credit card as well.

femi thats was befor

how can i remove it?

Customer SupportYou cannot

you need to withdraw to your credit card

femi but am not play with card

i depoist with ukash

Customer SupportYou have deposited with credit cards

416081...4048 and 416081...4030

femi No,with ukash

check it

200701243 27/09/2013 19:56 To Sports EUR 50.00 Ukash Succes

this my transaction

Customer SupportI can see all you transactions

femi 200701243 27/09/2013 19:56 To Sports EUR 50.00 Ukash Succes

you dont see it


Customer SupportLast two deposits was with ukash

femi yes

i dont used my card again

what is all this?

Customer Support70789149 08/05/2013 07:14:44 Credit Card 100.00 EUR Sports 100.00 EUR

femi thats was may


Customer Support69617130 05/05/2013 11:21:12 Credit Card 100.00 EUR Sports 100.00 EUR

60861985 14/04/2013 03:55:26 Credit Card 100.00 EUR Sports 100.00 EUR

femi when was that please ?

last week ?

or 3 months ago

you dont see well

or you dont think well?

Customer SupportFinancial department will not approve your withdrawals made via Ukash

femi why?

Customer SupportPlease initiate your withdrawal to you credit card first

Can I help you with anything else?

femi why are they approved my depoist with ukash

why are they approved my depoist with ukash?

why they approved my deposit wit ukash

Customer SupportWithdrawal to your credit card allowed

femi why?

but is option there

this fruad

Customer SupportI've made all explanations.

Please initiate withdrawal to your credit card first.

femi you people are not right

why ?

did I transfer thru card

have made initiate with ukash before

have made initiate withdraw with ukash before

tell something else

tell me something else

have made initiate withdraw with ukash before

Customer SupportYes. But now you need to withdraw to your credit card.

femi why is now?

but you gave me 20 ukash this morning

but you gave 20 euro ukash this morning

but theres option ukash

Customer SupportInforming risk department to investigate your account

and request documents for credit card and account approvement.

femi yes i have

with my passort i have with me

Customer SupportBlocking your account r withdrawals until your account verification completed.

femi but now i dont used card

why are you asking my card now

you need my passort


Customer SupportAll explanations done. If you will continue asking same things your access to live support will be blocked as well.

femi what do you need


to proved you wrong

and your company frudster

posted on October 3, 2013.


Teambet requests players withdraw funds with deposited methods. For each deposit method used by player at least deposited amount must be withdrawn and remaining balance can be withdrawn with any available method.

About credit card deposits, player must withdraw at least the deposited amount back to credit card. This is almost common rule for most of the bookies to prevent credit card frauding activities and money laundering.

If user doesnt request withdrawal via correct payment method then we rollback users request and inform user to request withdrawal in correct payment method.

We dont know this users username so we can not check exactly but as we understand he claims his payment was delayed because of this procedure. User can correct his withdrawal method to his credit card at least deposited amount, and remaining balance (if he has) can withdraw via any available method. So without any delay payment will be proceeded in 1 hour as we always do. Teambet is famous with 1 hour withdrawal speed for all withdrawal requests if witdrawal request doesnt conflict with any rules in terms and conditions.


Customer Support

posted on October 3, 2013.

My first betting with them I used ukash to bet with them then i won on my process to withdraw they told i cant withdraw thru bank account because

i used the ukash since them i m being using my lacaixa card transfer with them they transfer money to my account several time without any complain that was april and may which i won some and also lose ,then i have problem with bank in august an I decide to used ukash to bet with them this my second time i have being using ukash without any complain this last week I won some money I requested 20 euro they payed me Hi Femi,

Your payout for EUR 20.00 has been processed. Below are information regarding your voucher:

Ukash Voucher Number­:63­371­838­427­471­85852

Ukash Voucher Amount:EUR 20.00

Ukash Voucher Use by date:29/09/2014

If you have any question regarding your voucher please do not hesitate to contact [email protected]

Regards, team and request again they say no;i should will withdraw thru my bank and i dont used my card bet again I have my passport with bank passbook with me and with account they have payed to before details thay before this my account number with IBAN



IBAN/BIC ES47 2100 0775 5120 0103 1525/CAIXESBBXXX


posted on October 4, 2013.


You can simply withdraw your funds to your credit card. This is a strict rule to prevent credit card fraud and money laundering activities. After you withdraw total amount which was deposted via credit card then you can prefer any other available withdrawal methods.

Customer Support

posted on October 4, 2013.

Therefore after the closure of the bank card at La Caixa Bank,i result to payment by Ukash voucher on your website which is acceptable which i used to deposited on 27th September,2013 the amount of 50euro in order to place a bet on your website.The deposit transaction is below for your verification as well with transaction nr.,date,time,amount and status:

200701243 27/09/2013 19:56 To Sports EUR 50.00 Ukash Success.........

The last deposit by Ukash has brought me a winning of so......... which i am requesting to be paid to me with immediate effectTo resolve the problem, I would appreciate to be paid back with UKASH VOUCHER).I wish to let you know that i have previously received a winning payment from you by UKASH VOUCHER and at this moment receiving my payment in this method should not be a problem.

Moreover,I have every necessary proof to back up my claim for further clarification.I am hoping that this issue will be resolved before 7th October,2013 as has caused stress.

I look forward to your reply and a resolution to my problem before seeking legal help. Please contact me at this email:.[email protected]...... or by phone at: +34672898541


Femi Simon Adeniran