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SuperCasino - 'MISSING' £15,000 of MY MONEY!!!

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Posted on May 16, 2014

I am writing to bring to light the telephonic conversation with James Corrie earlier.

Here are the statement of events:

1) My Laptop on which James has confirmed I do play on was stolen from my possession Saturday evening 24/11/12 and reported to the police crime ref no: kg5120241/12.

2) As soon as this has came to my attention on Sunday 25/11/2012, i took action and I rang as well as other Organistations to where my personal information may be at risk, I informed them that my security details may be compromised as my laptop has been stolen and my information may be prone to hacking.

3) The person who I was speaking to at that time notably by the time Renee said my account was frozen so no further activity can take place. She advised me to call back on monday 26/11/2012 and to speak to James (Manager) so we can come to some sort of recourse.

I rang today (monday) morning at 9:30am, and I explained the situation to James Corrie (Customer Support Manager) told me that that £15,000 were CANCELLED TO WITHDRAWAL and my funds were apparently 'wagered' in one night and lost on my super casino account, to my shock which he offered and said 'tough' and there is nothing he can do about it. He also belittled me by saying I should have been more smarter and had a security password, as James may not be aware of there is a possibility that any type of security can be breached. I am extremely distraught by the lack of professionalism and the total negligence to MY money, and your Inadequacy to have anything in place to prevent an abuse a very large amount of your CLIENTS money.

Surely you cannot be negligent to such extent with your clients funds as they were held in YOUR account. My confidence is totally damaged with gambling on your site!!

These events in the last 24 hours has caused me alot of stress, I have not slept and has great implications on my health.

Please address this matter with the utmost urgency, you are required by your regulatory body (AGCC) to reply within 7 days.

Posted on December 3, 2012

Mr Raja first contacted us about the theft of his laptop at 21:04 on the 25th November 2012. On this call our Customer Support agent confirmed what recent activity there had been on his account, namely casino sessions between the hours of 02:58 and 07:35 on the same day, the 25th November.

These sessions saw the cancellation of withdrawals by the player online at the time, with these funds subsequently being spent on the same set of games usually played by Mr Raja. In addition, the IP address used to access the account at this time was also the very same IP address as that seen with Mr Raja’s normal activity.

As the playing behaviour before and after the time of Mr Raja’s laptop being stolen were identical, no flags for any form of account abuse were raised. In fact, the account was accessed using Mr Raja’s normal login credentials with no evidence of tampering, hacking or repeated failed attempts at login; the standard login details for Mr Raja were used in what appears to have been very normal use.

We also show absolutely no indication of our databases being compromised or attacked in any way before, during or after Mr Raja’s apparent theft of his equipment.

While we can appreciate and sympathise with Mr Raja’s situation we, as our terms clearly state, cannot be held responsible for any misplacement, loss or theft of any login credentials. We make it absolutely clear to all our players of the importance of them keeping their credentials secure and safe. We also make it quite clear that we cannot be held responsible for any consequential losses or expenses in such an event.

We note Mr Raja’s comments on contacting our regulator, the AGCC, on this matter. We have already been in communication with them and have provided our official response to this complaint as submitted by Mr Raja to the AGCC, who we are sure will take the appropriate action required under these circumstances and we await their decision keenly.

The SuperCasino Team

Posted on December 7, 2012

 Anything new here?

Posted on December 17, 2012

 Is this issue resolved?

Posted on December 18, 2012

nope, they didnt pay out or offer any sort of compensation. So if your ID/login ever gets theft, do not trust these guys to any sort of recourse.

Posted on December 18, 2012

As stated in our previous response, we cannot be held liable for the actions of our customers in relation to the safe-keeping of their login credentials or gaming equipment. Our terms and conditions, agreed to by Mr Raja when he first joined our service, clearly state: -

“5.4. The Account will be used by You only. The User Name and Password that You choose at the time of registration, must be kept private and secure by You at all times. We accept no liability for monies or information lost due to unauthorised use of Your Account arising from improper use of Your User Name and/or Password details. It is Your responsibility to ensure that You keep Your details confidential and You are fully responsible for any misuse of Your Password. You can keep track of Your latest login and logout times from within the ‘Money Matters' area of the Website. Click on 'My Account' and then on the ‘Sessions' tab. This will help You see if anyone has accessed Your Account without Your knowledge. If You are concerned that Your Password has been disclosed to a third party You should notify Us immediately so that We may provide You with a new password. Unless caused by any negligence on Our part, any unauthorized use of Your Username and/or Password is Your sole responsibility and will be deemed as Your own use.”

In addition, our terms clearly state our complaints policy, as follows: -

“12.2. If You have any complaints about the Service(s), please contact the Customer Services department in the first instance by emailing suppor­[email protected]­ack­pot­ or by writing to the Customer Support Manager, James Corrie, at NetPlay TV Group Ltd, The Old Presbytery, Alderney, GY9 3TF within two weeks of any incident. If at any time during the complaints process you are unhappy with how Your complaint is being dealt with, You can make a complaint to the AGCC directly and they will investigate the matter in accordance with their own regulations (www.g­amb­lin­gco­ntr­ol.o­rg). The AGCC is the final arbitrator and they will always have recourse to the courts in Alderney whose decision will be binding. You can appeal any decision of the AGCC to the courts of Alderney.”

Mr Raja has followed our complaints procedure and while we hold firm to Clause 5.4 of our terms, i.e.: we cannot accept liability for the misuse of his login credentials, he has taken up his right to take the matter to the AGCC, our regulator. The AGCC has in turn approached us about the matter and we have co-operated fully with their investigation in accordance with our license requirements. It is our understanding that the AGCC has made a ruling on this case and has also decided that we are not responsible for the alleged theft of Mr Raja’s login credentials. As per the complaints policy, the AGCC remain the final arbitrator but Mr Raja has the right to appeal this decision with the courts of Alderney, which is the correct course of action to be taken should he wish to do so.

While we sympathise completely with Mr Raja’s situation we are, according to our terms and associated complaints policy, closing this complaint until such time as Mr Raja may wish to appeal our regulator’s decision on this matter.

Therefore we must, as is right and proper, now leave this matter in the hands of the police, as they are best positioned to address this alleged crime committed against Mr Raja.

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