Vegas Crest Casino - Stolen bonus winnings, bonus terms violation not proven nor explained

omarwood United Kingdom
posted on August 2, 2016.

On 26th of May I signed up to Vegas Crest and deposited $500 for a 250% welcome bonus. I won approximately 9000 playing Rook's Revenge. When I tried to log back in to my account the next day I found my account was locked and I needed to verify it - I did so immediately. I received no reply and was told on live chat on may 28th that the documents team were away for the weekend so I would not be verified until the monday. Come tuesday, still no reply, I was told to contact the manager to notify them of the delay. I re-sent my documents to be quite sure they had them (even though it was clear they were ignoring me) on 1st June and 8th June.

Come 10th June I get an email from the manager, Justin Clarke. Justin informed me that I was guilty of abusing their bonus and I had broken their terms and conditions. As a result, my winnings were annulled and my deposit refunded.

I received two further emails from Justin. In none of them did he manage to explain which terms I had broken or how. He had no evidence whatsoever and was working purely on my "playing patterns". He blatantly avoided straight questions which I numbered for him to make it easy (such as "who is your regulator I want to report you") and eventually said that the decision was final and there would be no more communication on the matter. Vegas Crest have no justification for stealing my money and are clearly yet another rogue casino looking to rip people off - please help me get my money back.

posted on August 5, 2016.

Dear Mr Marwood,

As explained in multiple emails between you and I, we have very clear and fair grounds to deny your winnings as it is apparent that you have played in violation of our published terms and conditions.
Following a thorough investigation of your play we have had no choice but to void your winnings and refund your deposits despite the fact that according to our Terms and Conditions we could have confiscated the balance entirely.

You claim that we have not explained to you the terms that you have broken and this is untrue.
On my first communication to you I stated exactly the terms that you have broken. I quote directly from the email you received after our investigation on June 10:

« Your playing behavior was not the playing pattern of a normal player and we have every reason to suspect that you have attempted to exploit our bonus system which is contrary to article 10 of our bonus terms. »
You replied to this email on June 13 and we replied to this new email with once again clear information about which terms you have broken. We also explained in detail what led us to conclude that you attempted to abuse our bonus system with unusual play patterns.

Quoting again:
« In regards to your question about how we determined that your playing pattern was with the intention of abusing our bonus I can only explain that a normal slots player does not make a first deposit of 500 on a casino and proceed to spin slot machines for 125 a spin before decreasing its stake to 9 or 3 after winning a large sum. This type of pattern is at the opposite of a regular player’s behavior and is the opposite behavior to someone who is playing the game for fun and for a fair shot at winning a prize.

You have visibly attempted to abuse our bonus system and have not been playing for entertainment, as a player should, both according to our Terms and Conditions and according to any Casino’s policy. »

On July 1st you replied to this second email and this time again we have given very clear information about the terms you had broken. I quote exactly what I wrote to you :

« Our Terms and Conditions, which you accepted when you register your account, are very clear and notably specify that:

“All Bonuses and Free Spin Offers are awarded for entertainment only and are intended for recreational players. Vegas Crest Casino reserves the right to revoke bonuses and Free Spins, withhold any withdrawals and/or void any unfair winnings of players deemed in our sole discretion to be abusing or exploiting our bonus and Free Spin offers or who take part in any fraudulent behavior.

Vegas Crest Casino reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to void any winnings and confiscate any balance under any of the following circumstances: (…)

g. If you have not played on an individual basis for personal entertainment only (that is, you have played in a professional sense or in concert with other Player(s) as part of a club, group, etc.); (…)

j. If it is determined that you have employed or made use of a system (including machines, computers, software or other automated systems ‘bots’) designed specifically to defeat Vegas Crest Casino; or that you have made irregular betting or wagering patterns, or suspicious or irregular betting strategies;

a. The Player confirms that any play at Vegas Crest Casino (including incidental activities such as opening an account, making deposits or bets, or withdrawing winnings) is purely for personal enjoyment, recreation and entertainment. Any other use is strictly prohibited.

“All these and others are accessible at all times on our website by following the links towards our “Bonus Terms and Conditions” and ‘Terms and Conditions”

It has therefore been necessary in your case to enforce our rules about the voiding all winnings in full accordance with the Terms of our Casino. Note that as per the above Terms and Conditions we could have confiscated all balances but decided to still refund your deposits.

This decision is final and there will be no additional communication in regards to this matter as all relevant information has been provided to you via email and through the content of our website.»

Mr Marwood, your play pattern was without a doubt designed to abuse our bonuses and are completely opposite to the play pattern of a player playing for amusement.

You have visibly violated the terms of our site and we have acted in perfect accordance to our terms and provided very clear and complete information following each of your emails.

The smear campaign you are attempting to create here is unfair and sure to fail considering that we obviously keep all communications with players as well as clear logs of every player’s activity.
Vegas Crest Casino is a place of great entertainment for thousands of players who play for fun and for a fair shot at winning a big prize. Our many Jackpot and other large winners are always paid and get to enjoy their fair winnings and the testimonials on our site are a testament to the fact that we are an honest and fun casino to play at.

To offer these fun games and generous promotions it is necessary for a Casino such as ours to prevent people like you from abusing the terms of our promotions. In the rare cases where we have to take this type of measure, we do it in accordance to the terms and conditions of our website and always provide clear information to the player. This is exactly what we did in your case and the information above proves it to you and all readers of this message board.

omarwood United Kingdom
posted on August 8, 2016.

It isn't a smear campaign, what drivel.

You are clearly stating that it is unacceptable for players to win at your casino. That is shocking pr on your part, and a despicable response considering the odds are so stacked in your favour anyway.

You cannot banish players from using strategies, or staking according to their own risk appetites. You cannot decree whether or not I obtained "amusement" via my staking. Do you go so far as to monitor every player and demand that they play sub optimally on all of your games?

Clearly your response to this has been shambolic, and I hope others can see you are to be avoided. If the house demands you play badly, don't play there at all.