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Matchbook Casino - Stalling and not giving my bonus

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Matchbook Casino
Reason Bonus not given
Amount € 20
perkymang Netherlands Message
Posted on October 3, 2016

via your site i found an bonus at matchbook casino: 200 % and 50 free spins on spinata grande. i deposit 10 euro's and expected to get the bonus instant. that was not the way it worked at this casino. because i had to sent documents required for getting this bonus. i thought no problem thats normal and i received an email from matchbook casino saying the bonus would be credited within 48 hours. that was also not a problem because if thats in the t&c than thats the way it's gonna be no problem. but now i chatted with support afterwords and i get 3 different stories in a couple of days. the first was i will get the bonus saturdaymorning and they will be there at the same time. when i asked chat support this morning they didn't know nothing and the departement that goes upon this had to validate more things. (you can find this all in the attachements that ill sent you with this mail). but the day before the first guy nick that he had escalate this to the departement and the bonus would be in my account the next day in the morning and they would be there at the same time 200 % plus 50 free spins. first of all i had to chat again with support in order to get my 200 % and the 50 free spins they would notify me via mail. but still nothing happened.
My problem is and you'll see this in the chattranscripts i sent you with this email is that i'm being lied to and than i get angry... just tell the truth and they are stalling everything delaying everything till the moment the videoslot when i can play gives nothing... (notice this is my feeling) why do i say this because someone of support told me via another way, but i don't give names about that. the point is now we're over the 48 hours and still no 50 free spins and also the 200 % bonus i had run after like dog and they keep letting me wait... i don't like that. keep your part of the deal and you own t&c. but i will sent you all the evidence than you can see for yourself how they lie i tried to stay cool but if you replie a notice what is written in the t&c of the casino and than you hear via support but thats not the way it works.... than i'm really mad because than you've lied to me from the beginning.
it's like support via chat is there for me to give me bonus only when they favour...

it all doesn't add up

what is yours is yours and what is mine is mine and do not irritate me by stalling and lying to me.

i hope to solve this in a descent way but how can i be descent if they're treating me like an person who's nothing worth and i mean like with the thoughts "let him wait" no not with me.

I thank you.

anieldath < name removed>

notice: you may say my name and username because if this doesn't help i will publish everything. this happenend to me on two many times

Posted on October 4, 2016

Hi Anieldath

Thanks for contacting us regarding this issue.
We have a few different sign up offers running at the moment and there seems to have been some confusion as to which offer you should have got.

I can see that the bonus was issued since this complaint and you have activated it.

As a gesture of goodwill for this error we have now issued you another 50 free spins on the popular slot game Motorhead. They are sitting in your account and will remain there for 7 days or until you accept them.
I hope you can have a good experience with these fee spins and feel a little better about your unfortunate experience the first time around.

Kind Regards
MB Casino Team

perkymang Netherlands Message
Posted on October 7, 2016

Solved and I thank askgamblers for their Help!

Posted on October 7, 2016

Based on submitter's last post AskGamblers Complaints Team is now considering the complaint as successfully resolved and it is being officially closed.

Thank you all for your cooperation.

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