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Spin Million Casino - Tricked me to play after my request for account closure due to gambling addiction

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Spin Million Casino
Reason Account closure
Amount 4450
Posted on October 9, 2019

I want to complain about responsible gambling Policy off Spin Milllion Casino and about this how They handle my case and and about this at they take advantage of my gambling addiction . As well i aply to get from the casino 4.450 euro back on my account. That is the money what i deposited after my second aply to close my account when i admitted at i am a gambling addict and i have lost all my money .

I aply to Spin Million Casino first time to close my account via chat. Then support tell me at i must send a email to do that. So i write an email in 3 October . But my account was not closed. Then i write again in 04 october and i admitted then at i am a gambling addict and i have lost all my money. But my account was not closed. The person Who write back to me convince me to dont close the account Just make some limit. He was using the tricks at i have won before allot of money ( i did not withdraw i lost it later) and i can lose that oportunity etc. etc. etc. Before i answer fro that email i already has depositted 800 euro and was 3000 euro plus . So i was afraid for that money and i agree for the deposits limits.

Of course i have lost it and i aply again by chat to close my account but suuport Valentino was trying several Times convince me to play more. Even she offer me bonus 500 euro. Just to i play more. She was doing that after i admitted several Times at i am sick and i am gambling addict. Its creazy honestly. Its really really bad!! She was having the knowledge at i am suffer from addiction and she was all the time trying to trick me again .

I am sick, gambling is desyroing my life. When i write first time i understand at my account was not blocked becouse i dont write the Real reason why i want to close the account . But second time my account should to be blocked immediately after that at when i admitted at i am a gambling addict and i have lost all my money. You can not try to convince the sick gambler. That people are week, lie do ewerything to gamble. I am doing this. I am week , i lie becouse of the gambling . Its same bad if you want to cnovince the drug addict to just take less drug .

In my last conversation with them i was trying Just to again to close my account becouse of the gambling addiction . But becouse they ry to trick me one more time i want to someone give them the lesson . Its really awfull at they are taking adventage of people who struggle by the gambling addiction ... my account should be closed straight after i confim and declarecat i am a gambling addict. You can not talk with the sick gambler and can not try to convince him or offer a limit to gambling addict. But they do that. Second 6 Oct0ber on chat i was again 3 Times traying to be convince to Skip account closeure, to play more. They even offer me a bonus when i have declared at i am a gambling addict. It was awfull honestly.
Today Mornning 07 October i check my Casino account to see it was closed or not . But they was not ..... I even found 1000 euro bonus money on my account . The behaviours of the casino is really emazing. They know at i am struggle becouse of the gambling and at i aply to them to close my account and never reopen it again and they give me bonus instead . That is the
responsible gambling policy in Spin Million Casino. In 07 october i was talking in chat with Jamie . She as well was trying to convince me to dont close the account only use some limits or something else .She try to push me for deposit limits even when i write to her at i was considering suicide after conversation with her colegus . So try to imagine this at i write at i have suicide thoughs becouse of the gambling but they still offer you deposit limits. ??? But after some times when she saw at i will not agree and for sure at she start to feel at i can bring much trouble for the she block my account .
Someone need to have eyes on them . This what they are doing with people is unacceptable. That can not repat in the future.

Becouse of that all of this Guys guys i aply toYou to help me to get all money what i deposited after my request to close my account becouse of the gambling addiction. So amount of 4.450 euro.

And as well i aply to You to that people never behave like that with other players . They don care about the people and dont have any responsible policy at all . They only want to take how much money is possible from the people. And when they see at someone have gamblinng trouble they know at it is a great victim for them so they dont let go easly that person.

I check all similar situations in ask gamblers website and i check as well information about it as well in Curacao gambling controll comission. My account should be blocked straight after I declared my gambling addiction.

I aply to them to send me the full conversation with them by chat on email . But They inform me at its impossible. So i will attach the photos of that conversations as well with screenshots of my email to them . Hope You will be able to help me ... And hope you will be able to force them to stop behave like that with the people.

Thank You Guys

Posted on October 9, 2019

Dear @Kristoffer36,

Please make sure to update your complaint accordingly and clarify the total amount of the disputed deposit refund/s.

Thanks for cooperating the AskGamblers Complaints Team.

Posted on October 9, 2019

The total amount of which I apply to be refounded is 4450 euros.
I am accusing Spin Million Casino of disregarding my gambling addiction.
And of this when I wanted to close my account on this basis. Casino urged me to continue playing and instead of closing my account, apply some limits to my account. In addition, it Casino reminded me that I was winning a lot of money with them and I probably would not want to lose such a possibility by closing my account. That was the trick what casino used against me. How we all know ,addicted person dont have a free will. And when that kind of person aply for account closeure on the gambling addiction basis. Casino should to close account straight after they get that kind of information.

Additionally, people I talked to at the Casino chat. Jamie and Valentina toclose my account offered me bonuses and account limits instead of account closeure, even when I repeatedly mentioned that i was suffering from addiction to gambling . And even even in the last conversation with the casino representative when i tell them at i have suicidal thoughts becouse the situation with the spin million casino they still offered me account limits instead of closing the account.

I also inform at i send on ask gamblers email 28 pictures from my conversation with Casino representant Valentina and 14 with Jamie . I aply to them to send me that conversation on my email to make it simple but they told me at they are unable to make this . Askgamblers should to have all that pictures sended by me.

I am sorry for my English
Thank You regards

Posted on October 11, 2019

AskGamblers Complaints Team is awaiting Spin Million Casino team to provide the additional information. The response time frame has just been extended with another 96 hours

Posted on October 14, 2019


The investigations are in progress.


Posted on October 14, 2019

Hello Krzysztof,

We appreciate your patience while we reviewed your concern about the account.
After taking into consideration all relevant matters, we regret to inform you that we will not be able to grant your request to refund the deposits made.

As a responsible gaming site, we put great focus on responsible gaming and one of the features we have in place for our customers is the option to apply a deposit limit on their accounts.
This way, we can assist them in ensuring that they will only spend the amount they are comfortable with.

When we received the reason behind your request to close the account on the 5th of October, we have offered you multiple options that we can apply to the account, which includes – having a deposit limit / closing the account for a pre-determined period.

The response we have received from your end regarding this was the following:


OK Sir lets make 10.000 euro maximum deposit monthly for me. I dont have gambling problem but i really like to play and your Casino is ok for me. So i Will LISTEN you and STAY with you guys.

On the 7th of October, you have contacted us again and confirmed that you are no longer in control of your gaming. On the same day, the account was closed following your confirmation.

Based on the account history, no deposit was made between the period of the deposit limit being applied to the account and the official closure.
We understand this is not an ideal situation and we can empathize with your situation; however, we are unable to refund the deposits made prior to the deposit limit being applied.

Thank you for your understanding and we hope nothing but the best for you.

Posted on October 14, 2019

I was knowing at you will deny your responsibility for that situation.
But according to your words i want to explain one more time :
I Send you one email when i aply for account closeure in 03 October . Then i write to you guys again in 4 October and i admitted at i have lost all my money and i want to close my account becouse of the gambling addiction . Untill then i have lost more then 5.000 euro in 2 days. So when you get an email in 03 october where i write please close my account and never reopen it again . And then you see at i write again an email in 04 october where i aply for same thing and i admitted at i have lost all my money . ( More then 5k euro durinng 2 days) . So you already notice at i have a problem if i dont have i dont write 2 same emails in a period of 2 days . And i dont lost by 2 days 5k of euro.

i get answer from you guys for my email where i admitted at i have a gambling problem and i have lost all my money . But in that email you never help me to close my account. You never ask me about my gambling problem .You only offer me limits , brake for one or two days . And you start to remind me in that email at i have won big amount of money in your casino ( I never withdraw it , i have lost it) And you think at i dont want to lose that oportunity to win again . You never ask me about my gambling addiction and you was not even interested in that matter .

First of all ... When you get that kind of email . Becouse of resposible gambling policy you must close the account immediately . You can not try to use any tricks to change the player request . You can not try to convince the player to change his deccision . The addicted person dont have a free will . You dont offer less drug or less alcohol to drug addict or alcohol addict. Your duties was this to close my account after that at i inform you at i have lost all my money and i am a gambling addict but you dont make this and you was trying to convince me and make ewerything to make my stay and play more . I think you was trying and you just take advantage of my addiction to take how much money is possible from me . Becouse you know addicted gambler can spend and deposit allot . I already spen 10.000 euro in your casino but i only aply to get refound of 4.450 euro . That amount of money what i deposited after my request when i declare you my addiction problem.

As well please read your words :" I also see that you've been winning a nice amount here and perhaps you will want to try the casino again " . Thats is what you write to person who admitted to you at he want to close account permamently and its gambling addicted and have lost all his money .
So you are responsible gambling site ? Ohh no you are not ! It was forbidden to you by law to offer me all that things what you have offered for me . You should just close my account and dont talk with me about nothing else not any other option at all.

How i write before . I am addicted person and i dont have any free will according to gambling , not any other addicted gambler have the free will . And you must take resposibility of your behaviours.

As well i remind you at i have a pictures of my conversation with Jamie and Valentina where they was as well trying to convince me many times to dont close my account . When i admitted at i was having suicide thougs becouse of the gambling problem and situation with your casino they was offering me bonuses , deposit limits . No one care about me , this at i can make suicide . Only one thing what spin million casino cares was the money .What you can take from me. Of course that conversations happend after i make the deposits but that clearly show what is the policy of Spin Million Casino.

I alredy attach our conversation in emails and i touch to Askgamblers team so i will not do it again now

AskGamblers team
I am asking you Guys to consider my thought that neither side will bring anything new to the case . And please make the decission in this matter

Best Regards

Posted on October 14, 2019

Dear AskGamblers Team

I truly believe that the casino operator failed to act in accordance with best common responsible gambling practices and close player's account as per his explicit request. You could have easily closed the account and then proceed further clarifying with the player whether his request is referring to gambling related issues or not.

My gambling addiction was easy to recognize during two days i send Twice request for account closeure . The way how i write it clerarly show at i was desperate . Before i send first account closeure request i have lost arround 800 euro . When i write second account closeure request When i admitted my gambling addiction i have lost more then 5000 euro and that was only Durring a perriod of two days . I was be never playing more if casino close my account immediately . And dont use on my tricks to remind me at i can win big amount of money There , and i should not lose that kind of oportunity. That was not any reason to negotiate account closeure with me again after my second request . In my second request I clearly declared my gambling addiction as well i inform casino at i have lost all my money .

The information from them at i was winning Big amount of the money put idea to my head at i can win again and this time withdraw that money . That was just a trick who change my momentary reasoning and momentary logical thinking . Casino should not try to convince me to dont close the account , play more , or put some limits when i aply for account closeure according to gambling addiction and when i inform at i have lost all my money.

Based on the above, my stance on the matter is that at i am entitled to full refund of the deposits 4450 euro what i made after the account closure request when i admitted at i am a gambling addict and i have lost all of my money .

I really hope that the casino behavior in that matter is only because it is a new casino. And Spin Million never had any contact with gambling addicts like me. And that's why They didn't just close my account right after my application . I really hope at they dont make it special to take advantage on my addiction .
I hope that Spin million casino want to have a good opinion and will train employees to behave properly in such a situation and will take steps to ensure that players are properly protected in that kind of situations.

How i write before i attach all screenshots of emails in to my complain. And i send arround 42 pictures on my conversations with chat support on Askgamblers team email

I have nothing more to add on this matter and please askgamblers team to make the final decisions in this matter.

Wish You all great evenning Guys

Posted on October 15, 2019

Hello again,

As much as we would like to provide you an alternative resolution, we’re afraid that the decision remains the same – and is considered as final in this instance.

When we have received your account closure request on the 3rd of October, we did not receive a reason for the closure request. Since we care about our customers and we value any feedback, we replied asking for the reason behind your decision.

After which, you have confirmed that you do not have any gambling problem and have instead decided to apply a deposit limit.

In the succeeding chats you had with our team, our chat representatives wanted to make sure that we find the best solution for your concern which is why you were presented with multiple choices.

Finally, when it has been confirmed that none of the choices presented to you was a perfect fit for the situation, we have processed your request to close the account.

We would like to reiterate that all throughout the duration of your chat conversation with us until the point when the account was closed, no deposit was made on the account.


Posted on October 15, 2019

Unfortunately, due to private policy of Spin Million Casino, they cannot provide the necessary information to AskGamblers Complaints Team so that the complaint could be adequately reviewed and decided. Obviously, we have no other option but to close the complaint as Unresolved and recommend a player to forward their issue directly in front of the relevant regulatory body.

As soon as AskGamblers Complaints Team is being notified about the regulator's final decision on the case, we will comply and mark this complaint accordingly.

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