William Hill Casino - Casino Not Paying Out Legitimate Winnings

Jdsports60 United Kingdom
posted on July 30, 2015.

Please someone help me, I can’t believe what has happened and I don’t know where to turn. I was amazed when I had two big wins one after the other and now the casino is refusing to pay me!!

I deposited with William Hill Casino Club on 19 May and from my £1000 deposit I won £10,787. I was feeling lucky and was up by over £9,000 so I deposited £100 with 21Nova (their sister company) receiving a £160 bonus and lost, I finally deposited £835 with them using their second bonus receiving a £250 bonus and won £10,039. I couldn’t believe my luck!

Later on that day I received an email from William Hill saying that due to the recent activity on my account, they have investigated and my account would be closed and winnings confiscated. They provided me with some terms and conditions which I read, none of which I have broken. I emailed William Hill Casino Club asking them to explain what terms I had broken but they just sent me a general list of their terms, I called William Hill Casino Club and asked for more information on what terms I have supposedly broken and they sent me an email accusing me of ‘promotion abuse’. 21Nova have also confiscated my winnings and closed down my account so I’ve lost over £20k.

I’m in utter shock that both casinos have confiscated my winnings based on abuse of the bonus which they were quite happy to credit to my account at the time of depositing. I was very lucky to have won twice in one day but merely taking advantage of the bonuses that the casinos advertise is not bonus abuse. Is this a practice adopted by a lot of casinos? Two wins in one day and they confiscate your winnings and close your account? This has really upset and angered me, I haven’t broken any terms but I’ve been accused of doing so and had £20k taken away from me. I feel robbed and like the casino are using any way they can to avoid paying me this money. I feel powerless against such a big casino I just don’t know where to turn. If you want me to send a screenshot of our email conversations then I will happily send them.

Any help or advice would be gratefully received.

posted on August 5, 2015.

Any update considering your complaint? Thank you.