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888 Casino - Software Rigging

Posted on August 19, 2015

I would like all my swift deposits returned during the month of July (2015) returned due to what I suspect is software rigging at 888. The amount for this is $221. 44 CAD
I have been playing at 888 for several years with no major issues. In June of 2015 I notice the system began crashing with increased frequency. In the beginning when these network crashes occurred, 888 admin would post an apology on the gaming site or place tournaments on pause until the technical issues were resolved. Often games picked up from last point of crash and continued as normal. In July of 2015, these network crashes increased in frequency..daily and sometimes hourly. At first support denied this was happening until I started sending screenshots of their network announcements and site difficulties. They then admitted they were having network issues and were working hard to resolve the issues. Problem is, most often these "crashes" were occurring during premium poker hands about to win a big pot or casino games that were in lucrative bonus rounds. Now when the site restored to normal, the pocket aces that were just about to win a big pot were replaced with a trash hand such as 2, 9 off-suit which continued for the duration of play time. As of July, hand records in the system disappeared. Missing hand histories always came on the heels of their network difficulties.
When network difficulties occurred during casino play, it would often happen in the middle of bonus rounds. These bonus rounds suddenly disappeared when the network was restored. Often their network issues would only last a matter of seconds, yet enough time for game ID numbers to disappear as well.
So when the system was finally up and running in a somewhat normal play, rather than restoring to previous play points or bonus rounds, whole new games were created. Any gains were lost and even the cost of spins during the crash were lost. When I brought this issue to support, they asked me to troubleshoot the gaming software! They denied the problems and conveniently wiped out any record of play. This rigging also occurred with their free spin bonus promotions for tournament ticket, free bets or free casino money. If I won on a spin, the site would announce network difficulties and for me to " try again". When the site was restored (sometimes seconds later) the spin would not result in a win. This happened way to often for my liking. During the month of July, 888 sent out several apologies and compensated players with a free tournament ticket. This is very unjust considering the losses and frustration that occurred during their network meltdowns. Prior to this shady activity, I enjoyed regular play with good wins. Balanced and fair play. During the month of July I notice games degrading with each network crash. I believe 888 used these crashed to interfere with gaming payouts for the purpose of denying players due compensation. Because of the frequency of network issues, I am asking for the return of my July deposits. I no longer play at 888 simply because I have had no assurance this software "rigging" has been resolved.

Posted on August 20, 2015

Hi all,
We contacted the member and we couldn’t get important information that we need in order to solve this issue.
Once we get the information we need we will try and resolve the case.
888casino team.

Posted on August 20, 2015

Once of the major issues I have with 888 during this time is their denial of the problems that were occurring during this approx. time period June 2015 onward. As I stated in my complaint, the network difficulties became progressively worse, sometimes from minute to minute yet the only time 888 acknowledged an "ongoing" problem is when it was brought to their attention by a player. I do believe this was deliberate. If they did make an official announcement to players, most of use would have refrained from depositing until the network issues were solves. Instead 888 gave the impression it was business as usual and this was the furthest thing from the truth. The system was malfunctioning on a regular basis and players deserved to know this so they could make informed decisions when playing and depositing. I certainly would not have continued to play with such information. I certainly do not play on the platform because to date, no official announcement has been made that the issues have been resolved. During the time period I indicated, most players were chasing good money after bad simply because 888 neglected to tell any of us of their ongoing network difficulties. Who if informed, would make a deposit knowing a gaming platform was unstable and/or malfunctioning?

Posted on August 20, 2015

I should also mention, this member is right here and 888 has not contacted me!

Posted on August 20, 2015

Please provide evidence regarding your dispute.

Posted on August 20, 2015

888 claims they have attempted to contact me. Well my email is the same email I use for my ASKGAMBLERS membership. To date, they have not contacted me about my complaint. Do you want a screenshot of my inbox??

Posted on August 20, 2015

Perhaps 888 should send a screenshot of the emails they claim to have sent me! Let them verify their claims!

Posted on August 23, 2015

I have attached 888 response to technical difficulties. Their solution is to close my account and to offer 50 dollars if I ever wish to return. I received this response to my inbox in the last 24 hours. Note they do acknowledge their technical issues yet do not offer to return my deposited money during these technical problems. I guess by deleting my account they have solved the problem.

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