Golden Lady Casino - Where's my money?

posted on November 26, 2015.


I was playing with a bonus they give me yesterday 25 November :
200 deposit for table games
921% bonus
13x wagering
no max cashout, contribution to playthrough 100%.

I had more or less 4200 euro 12 hours ago, this evening (italy time) i came back home and I opened the software, my balance was still there.

Then i requested a chat , miss Debra came in chat, i asked for the supervisor Alex Norman (who offered and gave me the bonus yesterday), she said he was late today.

So I asked her "Please check my wagering" , she answered after a while "I don't see bonus on your account" , I reply I was playing since yesterday with the bonus i wrote before, she said "Let me check again".
While she was checking, i entered the cashier page, (4250 still there) , clicked on withdraw , then Neteller, i received the message "As for your limits... you can not withdraw" and in that exact moment my balance dropped to zero!

i said this to Debra, she repeated "You have no bonus and no balance", I said if she was joking me, she said "There is no issue in our system" (they always say this,,,) and suggested me to send an email to the support.

I sent the email to them and now I am asking you to help me to solve this great problem.

Thank you

P.s: In addition to this big issue, i was already in trouble with Golden Lady, my wagering was 26546 (2042 x 13) , i took from history bets page all my bets, the sum is more than 27800 euro, but system refused the withdrawal, this before the reset of my balance; if you want I can send you the excel file, now i attach a screenshot of it.

posted on November 30, 2015.

They answered with a simple mail writing that I was playing with a 24 hours bonus : it is incredible, I never heard about such a kind of bonus from anyone in chat in that Casino, and surely this Alex skipped this point : it is very unfair, wrong, uncorrect, I think; furthermore, I forgot to say that mr Alex replied to me in the morning of 26 november to my email about wagering (as you read I attached an excel file in that email), he wrote : " I will be on chat at 7 pm. I will take a look at your file in the meantime".... Well, this is very negligence on his part, he knew that at 7 pm the bonus would be expired...I leave to you to decide the correct definition of this behavior, I have clear the words.
Please help me.
Thank you

posted on December 3, 2015.

Any updates regarding the case? Thank you.