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Slotty Vegas Casino - 1 month delayed withdrawal

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Slotty Vegas Casino
Reason Delayed payment
Amount € 600
Posted on December 7, 2019

Hello all, first of all sorry for my bad english.
2019-11-13 i was making withdrawal via bank trasfer ( 600 euros )
2019-11-15 my bank rejected money and sent back to Slottyvegas bank, for the reason, that do it directly to visa card.
2019-11-18 i wrote a letter to Slottyvegas about the situation, i send screenshot from my bank incomes, i send a letter from my bank, which provides that money wasnt accepted, even my bank called to Slottyvegas bank, and they approved, that money is refunded to Slottyvegas.
I did all the job, to improve, that money doesnt reach me, and wrote letters each day, if there is any information about my situation.
Today is 1 month, i think 1 month is a lot of time to reach the bank in any way, to end this uncomfortable situation. I like to play here, i like to spend some money here and this is casino is very good for menu's and games selection, but i am tired to write letter each day for same reason, and get an answer we are investigating... Maybe here, i will find peace :)

Posted on December 9, 2019


Sorry to hear you've has issues receiving your withdrawal.

I'm going to get in contact with the payment processor for an update on the situation and I will update you here. While I understand that this has been ongoing for a while now, please rest assured that the problem will be resolved.

Will get back to you soon.


Posted on December 13, 2019

Dear Slotty Vegas Casino,

Please let us know if there's some update regarding this case.

Posted on December 13, 2019

Hello, i attached my incomes from last month, also attached a letter from my bank, which provides, that money wasnt accepted (in my language). Today i was in my bank and asked to call one more time to slottyvegas bank,that they will help me, to find my money :(

Posted on December 13, 2019

One more attachment. My bank again called your bank, and there is all transactions ID's and numbers, and your bank approval, that money was delivered to Slottyvegas on 2019-11-19 !

Posted on December 16, 2019

Hi again,

Unfortunately, the payment processor continues to inform us that they are not able to locate the funds yet.

If they do not locate the funds by tomorrow, we will make a new payment to you. All I ask is that if it results in the withdrawal being credited twice, then one of the transactions is returned.

If you are okay with this, I'll let the payments team know. Again, apologies for this, but your bank is saying they've returned the money to the payment processor and when our bank requests the money they are saying they haven't found the funds yet. As this has been dragging on for so long, I'll give the go-ahead to process a new withdrawal tomorrow and let the bank and payment processor fight it out later.


Posted on December 17, 2019

Yes please, would be awesome gift for christmas :)

Posted on December 20, 2019

Dear @endziulis212,

Please let us know if there are any updates regarding your ongoing complaint.

Kindly note that as per the AGCCS Terms and Guidelines which you accepted upon registering and using our complaints system, you are obliged to provide the necessary level of assistance and cooperation during the process and providing updates in a timely manner is a must.

Should you fail to update your complaint within the specified timeframes, we will have no other choice but to reject the case and recommend you to forward it to the relevant regulatory body instead.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

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