Slots Village no deposit bonus impossible to withdraw

posted on February 15, 2011.

Since a week i am sending message and paper to withdraw my free no deposit bonus i have all complete in order what demanding in the chart below http:/­/ww­w.s­lot­svi­lla­ge.c­om­/wi­thd­raw­als.asp they always miss something when i contact them to withdraw the last thing they say is that to have a payout a need a Neteller account what i have done by subscribing but after contacting live support next day they say that i cannot withdraw from Canada or us with a Netteller account they are always find something to not do a payout but for the Netteller payout this is not write in http:/­/ww­w.s­lot­svi­lla­ge.c­om­/wi­thd­raw­als.asp that you cannot withdraw in certain country just demand it for no deposit bonus .... there is something can i do to have my money or at least that they can update chart for new customer beacause its a big waste of time for all that are beleving that you really can cashout thank you very much in advance

posted on February 15, 2011.


Thank you for writing to us at SlotsVillage about this complain.

Accounting team is trying to work with "beermoneymike" to assist him to withdraw his $140 winning made of free money, in spite of his unacceptable and abusive behavior toward our staff members. if requested we are happy to forward all email correspondences to AskGamblers's admin.

In fact we would like to assist us with the pending requirements from "beermoneymike" so we can finally complete this payout, it is indeed a time consuming for both sides and our interest is the same; to solve it.

Currently "beermoneymike" provided us with invalid Tel Number and a vague copy of his picture ID. the withdrawal cannot be processed unless the tel number is valid and "beermoneymike" send us a clear copy of his ID so we can verify the details.

Also, Allow us to mention that all rules are not new and were in the same link "beermoneymike" posted; on section #22 of the T&C all requirements are clearly stated.

At Your service, Team

posted on February 15, 2011.

Hello SlotsVillage,

Thanks for your prompt reply.

This system will allow 4 days for both sides to respond.

If you need more time for processing the payment, we can reopen the case later.

We do not require you to send us your discussion with the player, but if you feel that could affect this case in any way, feel free to do it here.

beermoneymike, please send them all requested details and documents again in order to process the payment.