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Slots Village Casino - I can't withdraw my money and account disabled with no reason

maestro82 Albania
posted on November 11, 2018.

Dear AskGamblers,

I have requested a withdrawal of 3'025 Eur in Slots Village and casino and after more then 3 weeks of delay they just disabled my account and didn't processed my withdrawal.
Below is the way this went:
- I have been playing online casino games for more than 7 years and wanted to find a new online casino in which to play. I found some casino whom looked nice to play and among them I found also Slots Village Casino. I started to play with their bonus money and I liked their games. With the bonus money I didn't made any withdrawable winnings.
- I made a deposit of 25 Eur on my account and with the money that I deposited in their online casino I had some winings.
- I had seen their required documents for the verification process in order to make withdraws so I sent all the necessary documents to them and they approved all the documents within the time frame. Until now all was good.
- I requested a withdrawal of about 3'000 Eur and after 72 hours (their pending time) the money appeared again in my account without any notice or explanation from them. I asked to their online chat why had this happened and they told that I had to send a screenshot of my Skrill Account (the withdraw method that I decided to use). This was not requested at their original set of documents for verification, but ok I sended it to them and after a week when the document was approved I requested the withdrawal again.
- After their pending time I saw that the money were again in my casino account (again no notification or explanation by them). So I went again and ask to their Online chat. This time (after they said me the previous time that the skrill account screenshot was the only required document) they requested me to sign a credit/debit card voucher (even though I had never used my card for deposit/withdrawal and they already had all the info re-requested). They assured me that this was the last document required for the verification.
- I sent the required document and after their verification process ended I requested again the withdrawal (during the pending time I continued to play as I never requested the full amount of the money that I had on the account). The usual story again, after pending time ended the money were back in the casino account with no notification or explanation and me asking the online chat.
- This time after the pending time I tried to log in to my account but they had disabled it without any notification or reason.
- I sent them an e-mail and their response was as follow:

Please be informed that our Management Team has decided to bring our business relation to an end, and to permanently close your SlotsVillage Casino account.

Your current pending withdrawal was approved for 100 euros since the winnings are made from free bonuses and that is how much you can withdraw according to your VIP level.

Kindly note, this decision is final and irrevocable. Thank you for your understanding in this matter."

I have made the winnings from my deposit and not from the bonus. And also as you can see they give no explanation at all for the reason of the termination. At this point I don't want either to be in a business relation with them, but for sure I want All my winnings to be paid to me as I have not won them with their bonus but with My Real Money that I have deposited on their casino and they accepted them directly.

So they had excuses after excuses to delay the payment and when they had finished all the tricks they just decided to not close my account and not give me all my winnings. This is unacceptable and possibly can be called a robbery.

In case they don't pay me all my winnings at least they Must be added to Blacklist of casinos. SlotsVillage casino and the whole group under they operate (Winward Casino Group). The same thing has happened to me also in their other casinos of the group, but I only learned it this week that they all operate together and in the same fraudulent way.

posted on November 13, 2018.


Thank you for getting in touch with us.

Please note that we looked into it and found that your account has been permanently disabled by our Security team due to inconsistencies related to the following rule in our Terms and Conditions:

2.1.12. Each User is allowed to open only one account. Use of more than one account per physical User is known as “multi-accounting”, which is strictly prohibited. Upon discovery of a User with multiple account, all affiliated accounts of the User will be immediately cancelled including the cancellation of any transactions of the multiple accounts.

Due to the fact that you had more than one account open on the website, our Security team had to close the accounts in question.

Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

Kind regards,
The Slots Village Team

posted on November 13, 2018.

Upon the information and evidence provided on behalf Slots Village Casino management within their latest post, AskGamblers Complaints Team confirm and justify the casino actions.

Based on the above, AskGamblers Complaints Team consider this case as Resolved and it is now officially closed. In case of a disagreement with our decision we remind player that further assistance on this matter could be requested from the relevant regulatory body.

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