Slots Village Casino - Games don't work...and add bonuses at random.

kcc17 United States
posted on November 22, 2013.

I am a recent active player of Slots Village Casino and have made 3 deposits thus far, but I will no longer play there for two reasons.

1 - The majority of the slots do not work, as when they load and I press spin for the first time a messages pops up that says.."Internal Issue. Game must restart." The game window proceeds to close but never restarts again. All video slots except 3 dated ones do not work, and when inquired the first time, I was told it would be fixed ASAP. So deposited again and same issue. And repeated this process of inquire - claim fixed - deposit - not working.

2 - The casino added bonuses to my account in the middle of me playing. I did not request any deposit bonus. The only one used was the sign-up, no deposit bonus prior to me making my own 3 deposits.

My question is can I request my deposit money back due to these issues?

I feel very mislead as majority of games do not work....thank you for your time.

posted on November 25, 2013.

Dear Askgamblers,

Thank you for bringing this complain to our attention!

Game logs indicates that Kcc17 game plays did not experience any interruption or errors while accessed. However, Our game experts and testers are currently conducting a thorough investigation on the games accessed and played by Kcc17 and will provide us with an outcome of this investigation.

Kcc17 received the deposit bonuses for all her deposits. And as stated in our Terms and Conditions; If the user does not wish to receive bonuses for his/her deposits, the member must contact one of our agents in order to ensure such. Kcc17 did not submit this request which leaded to her receiving the respective bonuses. In addition, Kcc17 funded her account four times in four separate consecutive dates, on each occasion the account was funded, the deposit as well as the deposit bonuses were fully put into play. We will like to point out that once a deposit is made and put in to play unfortunately a refund of the purchase (s) cannot be issued, Nonetheless rest assure that should the investigation reveals any inconsistencies a refund of the deposit made on that particular date shall be issued


SlotsVillage Casino

posted on July 30, 2014.

Player never returned to inform us for the outcome of this issue, therefore we consider this case as resolved.