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Slotland Casino - Cancel my bonus without any reasons

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Slotland Casino
Reason Bonus not given
Posted on October 15, 2014

I am a player at slotland for a year. I like their games and bonus structure. In order to gain the bonus “deposit 1000$ and gain 100$bonus”, I have played activly last two months. I have deposied at least 1780$ at slotland for this year. However, before I can get my second “deposit 1000$ and gain 100$bonus”,today I receives a letter that told me they will not give me bonus anymore, without any reasons written.

I hope to get the bonus I should get, and have the right to gain bonus. Unless slotland can provide the reasonable excuses to remove my bonus, they should not cancel anyone's bonus arbitrarily. (just because I may earn a little money from them?)

If slotland deny my demand, i think every player should keep in mind that the casino may cancel your bonus that you should have or almost qualify for. It is not a normal casino should do.

The letter I received is attached as following(can anyone figure out the reason they provide?):

“Dear Sir,

This is Robert, Supervisor of Customer Support at Slotland. You have
been a loyal member of Slotland Casino for one year already and during
this time you have proven to be a very skilled and experienced player.

Both Slotland and Win A Day are fair and honest casinos and do not
exclude players because of their exceptional luck or skillful playing as
our competition sometimes does. However, we cannot continue granting you
our Promotional and Standard bonuses. For this reason, I have
unsubscribed your account from receiving our Newsletters and all
bonuses, effective immediately.

Thank you for understanding and I hope you remain our loyal player in
the future.

Please, let me know, if I can be of any assistance.

Customer Service

Posted on October 9, 2014

Hi lin001112,

This is Jack from Slotland. We appreciate your feedback, and will be happy to address your concern openly through AG --- although you were not particularly referred by this great portal, needless to say.

First, let me assure you that we have enjoyed having you as a valued player during the past more than 15 months and will be happy continue doing so. Though as an experienced casino player, I'm sure that you're well aware of the fact that by playing at a casino you're bound by the house rules as well as terms & conditions.

According to these terms "Slotland reserves the right to exclude anybody from [...] participating in promotions."
Source: http:/­/ww­w.s­lot­lan­d.e­u/t­erm­s-a­nd-­con­dit­ion­s.html

Second --- and in strong contradiction to your false claim that "the casino may cancel your bonus that you should have..." --- you can actually serve as living proof of the fact that we actually didn't mind throwing bonuses your way even if you managed to be constantly ahead of the house for long over a year by now.

Try finding any other online-, let alone land based casino which would allow you having fun on their account for so long! You'd be long time banned or politely shown the door.

Third, as my colleague Robert, Supervisor of Slotland Customer Support neatly put it, we don't mind spoiling our players with literally tons of bonuses and freebies, but our extremely mild wagering requirements (in comparison to many other brands in many cases being as low as 1x) that allow you win at Slotland more easily than elsewhere, however we feel that skilled players like you don't really need such extra boost.

Considering above mentioned facts, I'm afraid your claim can be seen as utterly unsubstantiated meaning that the decision made to exclude you from participating in promotions will not be revoked at this point. Let me assure you though that we might be able to reconsider our decision and let you participated in the promos again at some point in the future.

Lastly, you are most certainly welcome to sharpen your skills further by continuing to play at Slotland without the help of many promotional gifts that we have kindly treated you with in the past. Should you decide to continue playing at Slotland or part our ways, we're wishing you the best of luck!

Kind regards

Slotland Entertainment

Posted on October 10, 2014

1. Although according to these terms you reserves the right to exclude player from participating in promotions, you can not abuse your right to exclude player arbitrarily. You have to provide reasonable explanation, or every player may think their rights or winnings may be exploited by you without any reason.

2. You can not exclude a player just because he/she win your money. If you do not welcome any skill or lucky players, I think you should show it on your website.

3. Moreover, you should not exclude a player just because his/her deposits has accumulated near $1000 and then can have the bonus free $ 100. You seduce players to deposit more by showing this bonus in front of them, but exclude them before they can get it, I think every player would see its unfair.

4. If you do not welcome players who get your bonus and win, I think you should show it (eg. only those people who win less than xxx money or wager more than xxx money exceeding the shown wagering requirement, can keep having bonus) . You have to keep your rules consistently and obviously for players to follow. Instead, by excluding their winning or bonus to save your profit, I think it is a fraud and unfair behavior.

Above all, I think you should give back my status to have bonus, at least the bonus free 100$ for deposit 1000$ that I can get it in next two deposit.

In fact, it is not only about my rights, but about every normal player's rights playing in slotland. The question is easy: player have not done anything wrong, how can you treat he or she unfair(eg. exclude he or she from the bonus system)?

Posted on October 10, 2014

Hi lin001112,

It appears that you didn't find my response helpful, nor did understand it well. Let me try again ---

ad 1 - You sound like a wise man. But trying to oppose the terms of a site that you've been a member of for more than a year isn't what any wise man would do. There is this checkbox that you ticked off during registration process next to the clause that says 'I have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions'. Please act accordingly.

Moreover, applying the rules/terms does not mean abusing them. Also I've already offered a clear explanation in my response above. Please scroll above and re-read what I said there (starting with "you can actually serve...").

ad 2 - We are not excluding you as a player, only limiting the number of comps you can take advantage of. After more than a year during which we kept throwing the comps your way, let me add. And again, as also said above, you're most welcome to continue testing your skills. Only without the help of extra chips.

ad 3 - This is basically the only valid argument from those you made that we're willing to accept. We are willing to make one time exception by granting you an option to claim your next 100/1000 bonus. Not because we are obliged to do so but because we are the good guys. You can request this bonus so by contacting our Customer Support requesting the extra credit to be added manually since you won't receive it automatically.

Note: Further attempts to continue heating up this quarrel will make you become ineligible of this offer.

ad 4 - Okay, after saying this several times already, let me repeat that --- contrary to what you say --- we actually *do* welcome players who get a bonus and win big enough to be able to cash out. Only we feel that players who are good enough to keep doing so for longer a year can most certainly keep trying without using the boost of extra chips.

Btw. you can find many stories about players being able to cash in on the free chip on this or other large affiliate portals. Our reputation of handling player payouts has been impeccable since 1998. That's something you can hardly argue with.

ad your question - Being a skilled player doesn't mean you're conducting any wrongdoing. Since should you have done anything against our terms, you would have been completely banned from all our sites.

Let me conclude by stating the key fact that being able to participate in promotions is a privilege. Not a rightful claim that you or anyone else would automaticaly be entitled to, or that could be enforced. Whether you find it fair or not, is a completely different story, I'm afraid.

To sum up the answer ---

* giving out extra bonuses is a favor, not an obligation, i.e. receiving bonuses is a priviledge, not a claim enforceable by law, or any other authority
* house rules and terms can be questioned but have to be complied with by playing at Slotland
* our decision made to exclude you from participating in promotions will not be revoked at this point
* only we're willing to make one time exception of granting you your next $100/1000 bonus on condition you are happy with the solution offered
* then you either continue playing without the help of promo chips or we part our ways, dead simple
* our decision is final

Kind regards


p.s. FYI, such 3rd party inquiries like AG disputes are only handled during business days. You can expect to hear from us early next week, in case you have the urge to continue in this conversation.

lin001112 Taiwan
Posted on October 14, 2014

I accept your offer, although I still feel you did not give a good explanation for playets to follow(eg: under what circustance a player will be canceled his/her bonus status?). Can we know it in advance?

Besides, I have another question: if I deposited more than $3000,can I get the VIP status and its bonus? I think other player may also care about the validity of VIP system before accumulate our deposits in slotland.

Posted on October 15, 2014

Hi lin001112,

Glad to hear you're okay with the solution suggested. Again, let me repeat that I'm offering you this favor not because we feel the need to do so but merely as a sing of our good will.

Although I believe that I've already provided you with a sufficient explanation above, but let me repeat that under the normal circumstances each player *always* receives all bonuses he/she is entitled to. The only exceptions to that --- apart from the situations when the players directly violate house rules, namely the terms & conditions --- can e.g. be the situations when a player utilizes bonuses beyond the extent of extending his game play in order to be play longer. Obviously we're thinking long term here, coz otherwise we wouldn't let you take advantage of all the bonuses for over a year while being constantly ahead of the house. And we wouldn't pay out any Jackpot of which dozens have been paid out in the past...

As per your today's question --- as stated on the info page about our VIP program itself [i.e. ...In order to be considered as a Bronze VIP, **besides other criteria**, you need to have deposited at least $3,000 during the lifetime of your account...], there are other criteria being taken into account when reviewing a candidate for a VIP level. Read as, having deposited so much in the past per se does in no way serve as a guarantee that a player will be promoted to a particular VIP level.

Hence depending on whether you are being allowed to enter any particular VIP level or not, you will also be eligible for all the goodies it offers or not. At this point it's still early to say how your particular case would be handled though.

A note to Askgamblers: Case closed.

Kind regards


Posted on October 15, 2014

lin001112, can you please confirm this complaint is resolved?

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