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Silver Oak Casino - December Slot Tournament Complaint

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Silver Oak Casino
Reason Bonus not given
Amount $ 400
Posted on July 23, 2014

I recently enter the December slot tournament (Naughty or Nice) with a prize pool of $2512 at Silver Oak. I actually received an email about the tournament and was interested in giving it a shot and so i made a deposit to be able to play in the tournament. My slot alias was SlotNoob and I played the tournament and ended up in first place, the tournament was not over yet, but last time i checked I was still in 1st place and almost 400 people had played already.

Today I logged on and I was credited with the $5 buy-in for the tournament and could no longer find the tournament. First place was $628 for that tournament. I joined the site not too long ago and I really liked it, they're live guys are fast and responsive and they have great bonuses, but email support is pretty bad because i never get any reply/confirmation email from them, but removing a tournament in progress and then giving back the buy-in fee is just unacceptable, especially for the people who were on top and in the money. Sure the people who were last are happy because they got the money they loss back, but what do I get?

Thank You for doing so well, but we decided to not give you the winnings you would have won, instead we gave all the people who loss their money back. Even on your website the December slot tournaments are still being advertised when they don't exist anymore, which is false advertising:


I think it would have been best to let the tournament just end as normal, or at the very least, adjust the prize pool to the number of participants and then payout the winnings accordingly to the leaderboard. I'm just very upset right now at how you guys handle this situation, I was really happy about my place in the slot tournament and what I might win. I talked to a live help person and they credited my account with $30 bonus and said "sorry." I don't want no $30 bonus with something like a 30x play through and a 2x max cashout as the solution. I really had planned on staying with you guys, but unless this issue is resolve, I don't think I can continue to do business with you guys anymore. If you advertise something, please follow through.

Thank you for all your help and support thus far, I really hope that you can do something about this because I really enjoy playing at silver oaks.

Hope to hear from you.



Posted on December 28, 2010

Hi Tony,

Last week we experienced problems with two of our monthly special tournaments. We spent a few days trying to reload the tournaments and re-instate players to their original positions, which is why they stayed listed on the site. We now know that this is not possible and as such we have re-created the tournaments. All players who were entered into the original tournament will receive free entry into these replacement tournaments. The new tournaments starts at 1pm EST today, 28 December and runs until 1pm EST on Tuesday 4 January.

What Happened

On the 21st of December we noticed that there was a problem with some of the tournaments. We immediately notified our software provider of the issue and asked them to rectify it. When asked what the problem was, we received the following reply:

The reason for these tournaments to suddenly cancel was due to an unforeseen circumstance in which the service on our Global Servers crashed which caused all tournaments running to be cancelled.

When the error occurred, all tournament buy-ins were refunded to those who entered the tournament, so you may have seen a credit in your account. We have been assured by our provider that this problem will not occur again in future and that the problem has been identified and solved.

One of your representative will be in touch with you shortly to discuss the prize that you were in line to win. Once again, I do apologize for the inconvenience and we hope that this will not occur again in future so that we may continue to provide top quality gaming entertainment.

Kind regards,

Michael < surname removed >

Marketing Manager - Silver Oak Casino

Posted on December 29, 2010

Hi Michael,

Before I begin I just want to say thank you for responding to my complaint. I have not receive any emails or a reply to my emails that I have sent to Silver Oak regarding this issue, therefore this is the first real explanation I am getting from Silver Oak as to what exactly happen and what is being done to rectify the mistake. I understand, everyone makes mistakes, but it's how we handle those mistake that lets others know who we are. It seems you guys try to correct the mistake in the most fair way possible considering you couldn't restart and reinstate the players. Not only that, but you fixed the problem so it won't happen again in the future, but only time can tell. It definitely shows you guys are fair, concerned, classy, and that you have integrity. I have been credited with the refunded buy-in in addition to the free entry buy-in that you mention, so thank you for the free entry. However, I have yet to be contacted by your representative to discuss the prize I would win and have not been credited with any winnings to my account. I have not play at the casino since this ordeal and will not until it is resolve. Again, thank you for your time and I hope this is resolve soon.



Posted on December 31, 2010

In the end,

No representative ever contacted me in regards to this tournament. So I decided to talk to Live Help and I ended up getting a hold of Mike the Manager, that was after I wasted 5 hours of my time trying to get a hold of Paulie, only to have him go home. I talk to Mike and eventually he spoke to Cooper and I was quickly credited with $400, which I thought was a fair amount. Although it took more effort on my part than I would have like, everything turned out fine. No more complaint and I would like to thank Mike and Cooper for taking care of my complaint; this case has been solved successfully.

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