mFortune Casino - Unfairly declined my winnings

James Mcdonald United Kingdom
posted on August 30, 2016.

Hi guys

Wow where do I start......

Registered with mfortune roughly about 2 half years ago. Mostly lost not a problem as its gambling win some lose some anyway played roughly about 7 months ago through my Xbox logged in using my username and password and lost didn't bother then till 29th July 2016 started playing on my new phone logged in using username password and deposited using my debit card from my bank account anyway I won.... Yes get in there right around my birthday so anyway as you have to withdraw 200 pound a time and it only show up to 16 withdrawals I was wondering how much I won so first phone call to ur support team I asked how to change my phone number and to the reply of there is not a facility but don't worry just give me your postcode and I'll find your account for you now I'll put this in brackets as it will be come revelent later ( I was not told once there was a problem to stop playing ) anyway over the weekend I won a lot and about 15 phone calls every time I said it was my old number and the reply was ok just give us your postcode... So on Sunday night I decided to stop playing and collect to the total of 5048 pound wow was I pleased and was told my money should take 3 working days to be in my account. On Tuesday I rang and they wanted I'd ok I said and then I sent all information they wanted driving license. Proof of address. Copy of my bank card with I gambled with sent it all then they said oh one more thing I need you to send a text saying I confirm from my phone as I said what my new phone they said no the one that you registered with well as the contract ran out nearly a year ago I no longer can so I had to go down the complaints road which then they asked for proof the phone contract belonged to me so then which I did got a
Pdf file from we confirming this ok so I thought I passed all the checks... Even had an email from complaints department saying thank you for confirming your we number ok so I waited a week nothing so rang again and you now wanted a picture of me with a
Novelty cheque so that got sent out to me took a picture sent it back rang up they said congratulations you money should be in the bank Friday so come next Monday I checked nothing in bank so rang and I was told oh it should be in by Tuesday noon if not ring back. So I rang back Tuesday oh sorry it will be in the next couple of days ok so I sent an email to support team which I had a reply it will be processed quickly but in batches for security reasons ok I thought this was last Tuesday on Wednesday I rang to say the withdrawal is void WOW....,.,sent an email to complaints department on the Wednesday was told I will defenitly hear a reply by Friday nothing so waited till next Tuesday and to open to say it's void as not an active number. Well you can see my rage as number of times I was told it's going in bank. Got emails congratulating me on my win and letter from you saying enjoy your winnings and me with a picture me with a winning cheque from yourselves.. To say I'm in shock is a understatement......

posted on September 3, 2016.

Dear @Jimmybutlins,

Please let us know if there's some update on your issue.

James Mcdonald United Kingdom
posted on September 3, 2016.

Yes there is some update I've taken it to ibas as to hopefully reveal there scamming tricks.....I've been gambling for years and I'm speachless to say the top it off I've just logged into my account to see that my balance and withdrawals have been wiped out and they have givenme a one pound bonus to gamble with ROCK ON lol. Talk about rubbing salt in wounds. Serously is someone taking the ...........