Pocketwin Casino - Self exclusion request not honored and duplicated deposits

Lizzieduffy88 United Kingdom
posted on December 14, 2015.


I emailed Pocketwin on 17th November to self-exclude myself as I felt myself getting addicted to gambling. I never received a response so I forwarded the email on 18th November and I received an automated response with a ticket number. I did not access Pocketwin until 27th and it allowed me to deposit from my mobile contract from 27th November up to recently. I have advised them that I asked them to Self-Exclude me but they have said it was my responsibility to contact them further regarding closing my account but I did receive a call from someone who advised my account was closed.

I did contact them again on 7th December at 22:33 to advise them to close my account.

I then replied to their email as I advised I have spent too much money on 8th December. They then replied to say there are many different methods of depositing and they offered me a cooldown period of 1 day, 7 day or 4 weeks.

9th Dec - Then they stated at the bottom if you feel that you wish to deactivate your account after considering the options but reply to this email that was on 9th December.

9th Dec - I replied to advise to close the account as requested on the telephone call and previous emails.

10th Dec – I received an email advising they have passes this request over to the relevant department who will contact me shortly.
10th December – I replied to ask them to look into why this wasn’t closed when someone called me, I was advised I could remove the deposit option on my account but I told them I had a gambling problem so they closed the account down as a self-exclusion
10th Dec – I received a reply to advise they can confirm my account has now been closed and can no longer be accessed. They said they are unable to locate any point where the exclusion was requested. They said they can place an exclusion on my account which means this cannot be accessed for a minimum of 6 months , please advise in my response if I want to action this.

10th Dec – I replied – This isn’t good enough, you can see I had a break in my deposits from 17th Nov, I emailed on Facebook and that’s how someone contacted me as I provided my details.

11th Dec – I forwarded my email I sent them on 17th & 18th November

12th – I then received an email asking if I wanted to exclude and that they cannot find any correspondence from me previously.
12th Dec – I replied Yes I want to exclude and I have advised this several times.

13th Dec – Finally the exclusion has been applied

13th Dec – Resent the exclusion email I sent on 17th/18th

14th – Forwarded the automated response I received on 18th.

14th – Email received advising that they will not be doing anything and I can follow their complaints procedure but their decision will still stand and it is my responsibility to contact them and sort my own gambling out.

During this time it shows I have deposited over £400 but some of the deposits are literally 1 minute apart. I have asked them to prove that these have not been duplicated in error but they have advised that they only deposit using my authorisation but its impossible to spend that money and deposit literally 1 minute apart.

Please can you look into this complaint for me?


posted on December 16, 2015.

Hi Lizzieduffy88

Thanks for raising your concerns, we take all complaints seriously particularly those related to responsible gaming.

Please accept this message as an acknowledgement of your complaint, I'd like to take some time to thoroughly investigate the concerns you've raised and I will reply in more detail within 24 hours.

Kind Regards

Customer Support Manager

posted on December 19, 2015.

Any news?

Lizzieduffy88 United Kingdom
posted on December 21, 2015.

No I haven't heard anything yet