Foxy Casino - Self Excluded from 888 yet allowed to bet at Foxy casino therefore wwant my deposits refunded

posted on October 20, 2015.

I self excluded from 888 Casino back in March yet under the same email address telephone number, bank card and postal address and IP address I was allowed to open an account with foxy casino who are affiliated with 888. I since deposited an amount of money which I lost and that I wish to have returned as my self exclusion rights have been breached. should I have won money this would not have been mine therefore they cannot keep the money I gambled and lost.

I have tried contacting their security team and awaiting response however I feel this should be addressed here.

A previous customer on this forum had the same issue and was resolved by the casino refunding all deposits. This has been set as the president therefore I would like my deposits back asap.

I attach a screenshot confirming my self exclusion from 888.

below is the link to the previous case which was overseen on this forum


Should this not be resolved I will need to take this to as high a level I can and involve the UK Gambling Authority and ask for assistance from yourselves on this matter.

posted on October 21, 2015.

Still awaiting to hear from this company having emailed several times since sunday evening. although technically their 72 hour reply window has yet to pass.

Interesting to read a recent complaint on your site link below where the customer won yet his winnings were superseded as he was self excluded from sister company. this reinforces my case further.