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Ruby Fortune Casino


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Posted on April 20, 2020

Hi Askgamblers,

I am sending this message to you because I feel I am getting robbed by a casino place, called bayton.

Firstly, I want to talk about bayton’s casinos. I found out about them in askgambler’s site where they offered me big welcome bonuses. So as a pretty active internet gambler I saw a good opportunity to try and use this bonuses as they were offered to me. First I made two 300euros deposits to Spincasino with the welcome bonuses in 4.04.2020 and didn’t won anything. As corona was a big problem and still is, I had plenty of freetime to play these casinos, so I tried another Bayton’s casino, which also had welcome bonuses. At the same day I deposited 2 times 250euros to Rubyfortune, which belongs to Bayton an still won nothing. The third 250e deposition to Ruby gave me an astounding 3382 euro win. Presumably I did all the things the casino asked me to do to get the win to my bank account. So I send the required documents and waited some days without any contact from their behalf. After couple of days I went to the chat to figure out my win’s situation. I was pretty shocked that they needed a photo of my bank account, which needed to include the deposit I made to Rubyfortune, and top of all didn’t send any info, anything that I noticed, to me by any way. I asked that if I could send the bank statement as a screenshot, but it didn’t work. Then I just asked how would they want it, and asked if I could send a photo of my bank statement editing the other unnecessary stuff for my own safety. Then to my shock, the person on the chat got a bit furious and offended me by suggesting me that I was laundrinfg my money or something other criminal stuff just because I asked them If I could send a edited document. Nonetheless I send the required documents and waited approximately a week. In that week I was visiting their live chat and wanted to know the current situation, but they always said the same, ’’please wait for us to contact you via email’’. Okay no huge problem with that, besides the earlier thing what happened with our communication.

After this all, I went to the vhat once again, without any information by their side to ask what was hte current situation. Before that I tried to login to my account, but I couldn’t. I went to the chat and asked what was the situation. I couldn’t believe what they said to me. They said that your account has been banned for life and all your winnings have been confiscated. You can imagine as a student what that news meant for me. I had planned my near future assuming that I would get the money, because I did everything by the book to my mind. Mostly the solution what they proposed to me shocked me the most. They are okay with me losing my money but immediately when I win they ask me to provide documents on many occasions and when I provide them, I have to wait for long time to their response. Then they appeal their actions to some ridiculous assumptions. I have some useful photos of the conversation we had with the chat and some photos of my deposits and winnings, which will hopefully help me somehow. There are some irrelevant pictures there, but hopefully you dont mind.

Best regards, Lasse

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