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Ruby Fortune Casino - Game check error


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Ruby Fortune Casino
Posted on May 16, 2014

I was playing : break da bank again on iPad

I was playing the min bet the mobile version allows, 0.01 cent (CND) pre line.

Reel position

1: tanzanite. Middle

2:break da bank. Low

3:break da bank. Low

4:break da bank. Low

5: tanzanite. Middle

The game check registered a king on real 5

The program payed off 7.21 when it was done counting a error message popped up promoting me to contact support.

When I contacted support I was asked to provide the session number as well as the "event" ID. When looking at what the game check program had registered there was discrepancy.

The program had registered a king on the middle position of real 5.

Inquiring the matter with support they offered me to escalate the matter with the tech branch. The replied, through costumer support, that there financial statement for the day was normal and that they didn't see any error occurring for this event ( this particular spin).

With regards to statistics there will always be a margin of error of let's say -or+ 1% 19/20.

I was stopping the reel by touching the screen. I believe this is where the error comes from.

Is there any way I can generate/ recall that precise occurrence. The issue is that I did not realize at the time that the progrman did not pay off properly therefore I dint take a screenshot. If I had the matter would have been resolved within minutes


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