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Ruby Fortune Casino - Funds went to wrong email


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Ruby Fortune Casino


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Posted on September 22, 2021

Hello about 1 month ago I won $1,500 from Ruby Fortune Casino I selected my email from a list of as my method for withdrawl. within 24 hours I contacted the casino to ensure my funds were being sent to the correct email and made clear the email adress i wanted the funds sent to. long story short the funds were sent to the wrong account despite my numerous requests/corrections giving them the correct email address. Ttill sent it to the wrong email address which I do not have ancess to, The casino says the funds were deposited and so they are paid out on their end and do not wish to pay me the money that I won. What do I do in this situation? attached to this email our email correspondence between myself in the casino and there are numerous conversations which I do not have saved between myself in the casino where I'm asking them to please correct the email address which they do not do but I do not have copies of those texts but I'm sending you the copies of the emails which I do have. I dont know how to attach or foward the emails to you unless u respond then i can reply and send you all the emails i have

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