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Ruby Fortune Casino delays documents verification process


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Ruby Fortune Casino
Posted on May 16, 2014


My name is Richard ******* and I am for the first time on ASKGAMBLERS. I made this post because I am not willing anymore to hear nice words instead of payment.

After I requested my first withdrawal on Ruby Fortune Casino, It was sent to me an e-mail in which they request from me notharized ID and notharized bank statement to verify my account.

On 6 aug I sent both scanned documents to suppor­tde­@th­epa­lac­egr­oup.com, since then they put me on stand by, to wait my document beeing approved by security department with no deadline.

I have no problem sending documents, even notharized, or answering the phone when a casino wants to check identity or simply to congratulate for winnings, but Ruby Fortune Casino delays the process in a conscious way . Waiting more than a month the documents beeing verified it's not a way to welcome players.

I hope this post will impel some action for the specific Ruby Fortune Casino department.


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