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Ruby Fortune Casino - Confiscated Winnings


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Posted on May 16, 2014

I signed up with ruby fortune and was given a 100% bonus. As always I read through the terms and conditions and started playing however still a little unsure how the bonus worked I went onto live chat and spoke to an agent who explained how to change my bet and how to reduce my bonus. Several hours later the bonus was removed and I was able to withdraw my funds. This was the amount of £2960.

I heard nothing from them but again checked the conditions and emailed to them id&v to prevent any delay. I checked my account the day after to find the funds were no longer showing as pending and a balance of £150 showing. I contacted their call centre which was a nightmare who stated that I had breached the terms and conditions and that my winnings had been confiscated. I was told i would receive a call within 20 minutes to explain why but all they could say was you breached the conditions for betting over 30x the bonus amount. I explained that on their own live chat I was told how to bet and reduce the bonus but they refused to listen and kept repeating the same thing. After numerous calls to them and promises of call backs, nearly 12 hours later and I receive an email stating the funds are confiscated. I then receive another email after confirming my I'd&v had been received. So again feeling confused I again go onto live chat and speak to an agent. He confirms to me the funds have not been confiscated and the Id had been approved and the funds would be with me tomorrow or latest Thursday. As I had no luck with them I took a picture of the conversation. At this point I was very happy so made a call to them and spoke to the same agent who was on live chat and he then told me the funds had been confiscated and I'd breached my conditions and refused to listen to anything I had to stay. They also only asked me for my user name as Id and discussed my account with me on every occasion, surely this is a breach under the data protection act?

I am felt leaving lost and upset that an organisation can do this and has no courtesy to call me or reply to my emails.

Have I been totally scammed? It seems they look for every way to not pay you what is rightfully yours and yes they can refer to the terms however I spoke to a live person who guided me through the play.

Still none the wiser the final call made, the agent said he'd passed it on for a call back (again) and I would not get my money. Still no call!

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