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Yebo Casino - Possible roulette manipulation?

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Yebo Casino
Reason Software fairness
Amount R 14973
Posted on May 31, 2016

Good Day

I am new to the online casino industry and therefore do not know who to complain to at this stage. I copied everyone in that I think can be of assistance in this matter. Any replies with solutions or advice will really be appreciated.

I was gambling from Saturday night from around 8pm right through to Sunday morning 10am. In this time I started realizing that I just can not get to win with Roulette. Now I understand that it's all chance and anything is possible, but what I experienced was completely abnormal and dodgy to say the least. I have been gambling and betting for many years and I always accept my losses and move on, but with what I saw, I need to complain.

WHAT HAPPENED: I would normally place chips all over the table leaving about 2 or 3 open numbers empty or put like a quarter or half chip on some numbers and then I stack other numbers. Throughout the night, the ball kept on falling on my empty numbers or the numbers with the smallest bets about 95% of the time. I accepted this and thought it is just very bad luck UNTIL I saw the following: The ball fell on 1 of my stacked numbers, but the dolly will be placed on another number, which ofcourse had no chips on. Unfortunately I did not think of taking a picture of the first incident (I was not concentrating at the time because I was so tired and depressed), but I tried again to see if its going to happen again and in about 5 spins, it happened again! This time I took the pictures like attached! I stacked about 33/36 numbers and number 15 was 1 of those stacked numbers. 10 was empty! The ball fell on 15 on the wheel (Like in the picture) and the small magnifier showed for a split second that it fell on 15, but then all of a sudden the dolly goes to 10 (My empty number) and the magnifier shows also 10 all of a sudden. The pictures does not tell the story as good and it looked much more dodgy in real time. The pictures also does not show all my chips, because it started clearing the table as I took the screenshots.I also want to say that throughout the night I did not pay attention to the wheel and the magnifier. I was working and the roulette table was minimized and I just checked the result of the spin the whole time. Also when I did watch the spins, I did not check if the wheel corresponds with magnifier and dolly. So I am telling you now, this happened way more than the 2 times I know about.

I've paid R14 973 (Statements attached) over 2 days into Yebocasino's account and its all gone. Now I would have accepted it if it was in a normal casino or on sportsbetting where the bookie or casino cant manipulate the result, but this is a computer generated program. I know for a fact that these systems are "fixed".

I want to say that this is a very serious matter for me because it involves a life changing amount of money that I've lost due to corruption and fraud. I also want to say that I have been in touch with the support manager from Yebocasino, but frankly I don't see him resolving my issue in good time. Too many excuses and stories. Received a mail now from Yebo support stating that they could not recreate the error i've experienced and they going to do further tests.So already it sounds like theres no problem to them, but then how do you explain the picture? Also do not tell me the picture is photoshopped! They can get technicians to analyze and confirm that this is a real screenshot. Also their records should confirm my story. They going to make it as if nothing is wrong and that will blow my gasket!! I am so angry I want to cry and scream.

I will not let this go and because its a big amount of money, I will seek legal advice as well. I want compensation from Yebocasino or RTG and I want it fast. I will not rest until.

Please can any of you assist me with advice of who to complain too and/or claim?


Posted on May 31, 2016

Dear Albs, we have been dealing with this matter with you via email and correspondence. Please revert to discussion from yesterday where we emailed you and you replied.


Yebo Support

Posted on June 3, 2016

Dear @Albs,

Please let us know if there's an update regarding your ongoing complaint. Please keep in mind that you are supposed to reply within the given 96-hours time frame, otherwise AskGamblers Complaints Team will consider the case as Resolved and it will be closed accordingly.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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