River Belle Casino - Welcome bonus terms issue

posted on November 19, 2013.

Hi, just created an account to make sure people are aware of theT's and C's in signing up for new account with Riverbelle.

The situatiation is I deposited some money ($100) as a new user on Riverbelle and got the sign up bonus of $100 to match. I ended up getting my account up to $7000 (on a luck streak) I obviously had to playthrough 50x what the initial bonus was and that was great, I did that in a month (would be $5000 and kept calling Riverbelle Support to confirm this amount).

After I hit the playthrough amout I was able to withdrawal the money and I did, I went to withdraw the balance of my winnings and I end up getting a fraction of the original amount only to be told that as a new user my first withdraw can only be 6x what I put in- regardless of playthough. AND YOU FORFIETE THE REMAINDER. I withdrew $5K and ended up with a cheque fro $600.

The reality is I could have kept gambling whit the money in the account instead of withdrawing it for a year and could have won even more only to be told that I would never get to access those funds becsue my first deposit was $100.

These terms and conditions are cleary written, they just don't tell you that when you phone up.

I had good fun gambling but I don't gamble to win peanuts. I'll be stickign with real casinos from now on, can;'t trust a online casino anymore.

New users beware - call up to cancel sign up bonuses and any bonuses for that matter. The playthrough will be impossible to hit unless you win big like I did, and when you win 6x your initial deposit amount WITHDRAW IT. No point to conitune going.

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