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Riva Casino - unsecured money transfer

robert26 United Kingdom
Posted on May 16, 2014.


first one please sorry baout my english.

now i'm win in Riva casino ( - licensed under Malta jurisdiction )€ 1250 (litle be more ) and this money i'm send to cashier for withdrawal requet to my neteller account.(max 5 days for new player - all document plus deposit ready)

afetr 5 days i'm send question to casino becose money not recieved but answer is shock !somebody hacked my account and not just money from account cca € 40 but cancel withdrawal proccess and bring back to real account this money and loss !!

i absolutly dont know for what exist this function and i'm never see this befoure!!

but problem is one casino do this tranfer from withdrawal department to player account without any security control absolutly unsecured??!!!

hacked any username or password is very easy (for hacker) but know any security question from plaeyrs personal details its impossible! (information from google about hacking and virus)

now i think casino must garranty full players protection special all finacial transaction out or in side casino!!!

yes is impossible garranty protection anti hacking ok but for i'm do this transfer all money to withdrawal proccess becose after this is all under control caschier or withdrawal department!!

about function money back to account i'm see this first time and last few days control over 100 casinos in europe and other country but this function have just Riva casino and Club gold casino !!!

Ok but absolutly ingore this problem send my copy terms & condition wher is about third person etc.absolutly ignore this security problem !!!

Please help my with this problem .i want this money back!!

P.S. in friday 20/01/2011 i'm send official complaints to lotteries & gaming authority Malta about this security problem .

Posted on January 26, 2012.


First of all we wish to emphasize that our site is secure and that we have never had a single case of hacking as we do our best in order to prevent this from happening.

On the other hand the player is supposed to be the only one who has access to his account, being the only one knows the password of his casino account.

Please note that the IP connection of each log in is registered and it has always been the same.

Accordingly, we confirm that the player reversed his winnings back to his casino account and played the money.


Riva Casino

robert26 United Kingdom
Posted on January 26, 2012.


sorry but this casino absolutly not understnad this problem.

casino talk every time to same and managment need new curse about computing - hacking ,viruses etc !!!if anybody hacking any account hacking this with everything - with username ,password and IP address becose any hacker know what must !!!!

and first time???sorry in life its to many stuff is first time!!!

but impossible if anybody open ready any player account must be this legal person.and this is problem what casino dont would be know !!!give back money without any security !!!this is problem !!!any hacker have chance used money real player becose casino give this back from section cashier !!!!this section must be fully protected !!!

now i have record from casino about playing time and i'm sure this time working !!!or casino thing i lies!!!sorry this for court and satisfaction !!easy !!!!!my patience and friendly e mail finished !!!i hae to many people what signed this time if see my out side home !!!!attention what managment talk!!!

and becose casino would start be inserious not to much communicate etc its better all from now over court ,lawyer or gamling authority .

or its more serious give my money back and do new security???

or casino have recession ??maybe.

P.S. all information about hacking and other information about hacking on line casino i'm send to costumer service (Serene ) but managment ignore this !!ignore all security problem !!ignore all situation and talk to same more to one week.!!!all people have all bad just casino is ready - first classe costumer service,safe cashier what give mon ey anybody ??!! etc.good reason for on line casino expert !!

otherwise now have appeal (complints ) lotteries & gambling authority , tommorrow send official appeal to civil court in Malta .and see what happens .see who is ready casino or my ??!!

Regards.Robert Vrba

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