Riva Casino and my money

posted on December 30, 2012.

i have a problems with this casino withdraw the money..i manage to make 1900 little bit less on this casino making deposit of 20eur and i played2 days to make so much money..when im done i process to withdrawal option and make withdraw it was date 2.11.2012

than they validated and all that and send money,yes but in other account from unknown person this i saw when they send me a mail..im notified them its mistake be made and they corect..than its start happening..i conntacted them many times sending them mails and always the same replay..WE GAVE YOUR DETAILS TO FINANCAL DEPARTMENT.untill today i havent money and today are we 30.12.2012..im stil waiting and i also notified and send email to autorities for gamblers in malta-the court.i think are they the court so i hope they will bring me good will..and im totaly disapointed all month i mean all decembre couse are many holidays and the banks dont work and all that so day to day battle are near end now i hope and i want the damn money...

mthis winning money was validated 20 times from novembre and i want and ask you how long do you going to play games with me i know now are holidays and i dont want to break your party but you are casino god dammit..when player request a withdraw he gets it like in all casinos i he win 10000eur must get it or if win 30 eur and request a withdraw he also gets it isnt so..why you are exception???tell me please and how long must i wait ??? i hope i will posted that i get money couse this site is popular you know..for now good bye and hope on happy new year with cash.for now on its youst a complaint couse im patient guy on luck regards david z