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Rembrandt Casino - Dispute with Rembrandt casino and no response for over 30 days

37 hours left for Rembrandt Casino to respond.
Complaint Info
Disputed casino Rembrandt Casino
Reason Wrong calculations
Amount € 6022.95
Posted on August 21, 2020

In the week of June 4th, I registered and placed bets on after seeing an advertisement. During my gameplay I noticed that some winnings were not added to my balance. I reached out to their support and after submitting the exact details of that particular bet, they confirmed that the winnings were indeed not added to my balance and was reassured that these funds would be added later. I then plaid a bit more and noticed more winnings did not update correctly and multiple of my deposits were also not added to my balance. I contacted support again and after again submitting all kinds of information they flat out denied that there were any issues. After about a month of emailing back and forth and giving them all information I could gather, they finally admitted that there was over €6000 in game play winning errors and deposit errors missing from my account and that I would get this back from them.

However, these funds were never released to me and I am certain that there are even more funds that “went missing” due to the “game play errors” on their end. There’s no way for me to know exactly how many errors occurred or how much funds are missing so I made a Subject Access Request for them to provide me with the information I need to know how many deposits, how many bets, how many winnings, etc.

At that point, on the 14th of July, 2020, they stopped replying my emails entirely. Not a single response up to this date (August 20, 2020). I advised them kindly that they are legally obliged to comply with my request or ask for more time within 30 days but still, no reply.

I then emailed them from 3 different addresses and every single time get an instant reply. They then ask for my username on which I give them my original support ticket number and username after which they, again, stop replying.

I had a “VIP” manager who has also stopped replying on WhatsApp and Email.

My emails are friendly and simply asking for something that is my legal right, the subject access request, and I’d like to know their stance in the situation with the errors that occurred.

I now hope that placing this here will get their attention and that Rembrandtcasino will offer me a solution to the problems on their website that resulted in funds of mine going missing.

Best regards,

I’ve attached screenshots of the email were they state that after investigating they found no missing deposits and only one missing winnings. And the second email (after I had to push for a second investigation for almost a month) they admitted that much more was missing than they previously claimed.

Posted on August 28, 2020

Dear all,

This complaint has been reopened as per the submitter's request and the AskGamblers Complaint Team would like to give it one more try and help both parties involved in the dispute reach a satisfactory resolution.

Posted on August 29, 2020


Just confirming that we have received your request and working on the best possible resolution.
Please, allow the relevant teams some time to perform the necessary checks.
We will get back to you shortly.

Rembrandt Casino Complaints team

Posted on August 31, 2020

Hello Rembrandt casino,

Thank you for your reply, at last. It has been nearly 3 months since the issues first occurred and almost 6 weeks since I send you the subject access request and complaint via email and have yet to receive a response. This should be more than sufficient time for your relevant team to perform the necessary checks. Nevertheless, I am glad to see a reply from you here on Askgamblers and I hope we can now move forward in resolving this issue. I expect a reply to my original email/ticket in a timely matter.

Thank you

Posted on September 3, 2020

Dear Mikebits,

we already pointed our conclusion in the earlier communication sent to you, and we still stand by the same conclusion on the happenings:

During your game play with us there have been isolated instances caused by technical issues that prevented releases of some of the deposits and bets winnings made on your account to your balance. The technical issues on the online platform may happen, and they might be caused by various reasons, some of which might not even be on the side of the operator.
However, as mentioned a couple of times, even when the issues of technical nature happen, the log of each and every transaction does not and can not "disappear" or "go missing". The transaction will be logged on our server, on our replication server, on the server of the game provider, on the server of payment is traceable and recoverable.

Your transactions were overlooked by the team of the internal technicians and also the team from the game providers of the games you played on, to confirm the accuracy of the final investigation we ran and announced to you in writing.

This investigation confirmed that there was a total of €7,090.95 of winnings and deposit not reflecting your balance. In particular 2 deposits of €1000.00 and €600.00 and remaining €5,490.95 of not reflecting winning releases.

This balance of total of €7,090.95 was accordingly released to your account on 13 June 2020 and 6 July 2020. Therefore your claim that the funds are not released is not correct. Proofs we can supply to Askgamblers team upon their request.

Moreover, you have requested the upper mentioned funds as withdrawal and this was done accordingly to your account, proofs of which we can provide as well.

With regards to the SAR mentioned, we would kindly ask you to address this to our legal team at legal.d­ep­art­men­[email protected]­emb­ran­dtc­asi­ including your full name and username and include details of the specific information you require and any relevant dates and they will be able to assist you in the most appropriate and timely manner.

Kind regards,

Complaints team
Rembrandt Casino

Posted on September 6, 2020


This response is absolutely not acceptable.

Firstly, no one has replied to my email complaint and there was certainly no conclusion offered. I request you kindly to send me your official statement as a reply to my email ticket sent on the 14th of July.

This is not a small issue that can be set aside with notions such as “technical issues may happen” and that the issues “were overlooked”. That is unacceptable. You have denied on multiple occasions that anything went wrong and now you say this can happen and it’s all traceable but it can still be “overlooked”.

How can I rely on anything you say if you’re managing your players’ funds in such a careless matter and if investigation are done incorrectly not once but twice. How can I trust the third one is done thoroughly and accurately?

Next, I have filed an official complaint and formal SAR on the 14th of July. Almost 60 days ago and have not receive a single reply or confirmation of receipt. It is unacceptable that you now ask me to file it again. My request is legally adequate and you are required to respond within 30 days. This has already been communicated to the GDPR authorities and if you don’t want to escalate this any further I recommend you to comply with my SAR as soon as possible.

I have lost all trust in the reliability and security of your company and I can not accept your negligence in this matter.

I expect the following:
1. A speedy response to my email/ticket sent to suppor­[email protected]­emb­ran­dtc­asi­ on the 14th of July.
2. An apology for “misplacing” my money and for the careless handling of my money.
3. A fair and reasonable settlement offer to compensate for the missing funds.
4. Full compliance with my SAR before the 60 day time frame. (You legally have 30 days to reply and maximum 60 days to ask for more time to manage the request, with a valid reason)

I will now continue discussion this with my lawyer and will move forward with legal proceedings if you are not willing to solve this amicably.


P.s. Askgambles I hope you may be able to step in here and help us solve this because I am getting increasingly agitated by the extremely unprofessional customer support from Rembrandt casino. Once again, they have NOT given me an explanation and restitution nor have they complied with my SAR or shown any willingness to discuss my complaint. It took nearly 60 days and a complaint on this public forum to get their attention which to me is unacceptable for a company that holds tens of thousands of Euro’s of mine.

One more addition. They changed their Terms of Service shortly after my complaint and I am not willing to accept these to log into my account and expect all funds to be returned directly to my bank account.

Posted on September 10, 2020

Dear Customer,

Please allow me to inform you that we have passed this case through our Players management and the answer will be provided till tomorrow morning. We are very thankful for your patience!

Kind regards,

Complaints team
Rembrandt Casino

Posted on September 11, 2020

Hi Rembrandt casino,

Thank you for responding. Unfortunately I have still not received a reply on any of my emails sent since the 14th of July.

I hope to hear from your player management team today.


Posted on September 13, 2020

Hello Rembrandtcasino,

It has been three days since you said “an answer will be provided till tomorrow morning”. Still, no reply received...

It has been 61 days (without a single response to my email) since I filed the complaint and made the Subject Access Request. You are legally obligated to respond within 30 days and ask for additional time up to 60 days (with a valid reason which you have not provided).

A report has been filed to the GDPR authorities.

Perhaps you can expect leniency if you can provide a valid reason for this extreme delay and do everything in your power to comply with my request now that you are finally acknowledging my request.

Are you just responding on this public forum to save public face or are you actually committed to providing me with a solution?

Awaiting your response. Once again...


Posted on September 13, 2020

Dear Mikebits,

you have been responded to with regards to your complaint. The response was provided by the manager you have been in contact with and as well later on in this thread since you have chosen to raise a complaint via the 3rd party provider. And the solution was not offered, but provided. The solution was provided in the exact same extent / amount the damage was made during your game play. We stand with the resolution already made towards your account and we stand that this is 100% accurate resolution. Should Askgamblers team wish to overlook the same logs, we'll gladly provide those.

This resolution is not only the most fair resolution one player can get, but it is also in line with the terms and conditions of the website you have chosen to play at. The same terms and conditions you have accepted yourself.

Yes, our terms and conditions were updated in the meantime, this is the standard practice, and as per the licence requirements coming from Malta Gaming Authority, the outline of the updates is noted down in the beginning. The same updated version of terms and conditions prior posting them alive, was submitted accordingly to the same Authority, with traceable changes. Should you not feel comfortable to login to your account again, that is a right you have.

Moreover, the resolution that you have suggested and requested in your email threads is not something we will support. We don't feel that one party should abuse the moment of technical issues, which happen in any online system, which caused you temporary non reflecting balances what are completely reimbursed to your account, which you have withdrawn to your bank account later, to buy a ticket of completely "free play" in casino, what you are attempting to achieve.

Even in your initial thread you have stated, quoting below:

After about a month of emailing back and forth and giving them all information I could gather, they finally admitted that there was over €6000 in game play winning errors and deposit errors missing from my account and that I would get this back from them.
However, these funds were never released to me...

which is a false statement and proofs we will gladly provide to Askgambers team.

As for the SAR, we stand with the previous instructions because unfortunately, until the request is filed accurately and in line with the Data protection act requirements, our legal team cannot act upon it.

We will leave the matter now in the hands of Askgambers team to request any more information they might need on the case and close the complaint accordingly.

Kind regards,

Complaints team
Rembrandt Casino

Posted on September 13, 2020

Hello Rembrandt casino,

1. Please provide me with the proof of refunding those missing €6000+ because I do not recollect receiving these funds nor did I receive a confirmation of this from anyone on your team.

2. No you have not given me any official statement or conclusion regarding my complaint. If you did, I would like to receive a copy of this email from you.

3. There have been instances where your team members denied any wrong doing and later on confirmed multiple technical errors. Someone has indeed told me that the investigation was final AFTER which I filed the official complaint. The complaint I’m referring to has the ticket ID [313-269FF1C3-0216], on which I have not received any reply or closing statement. What you are referring to seems to be the initial conversations I had with one of your support agents who has stopped responding AFTER i filed the complaint.

These emails have been included in this complaint and as you can see no response was offered.

I expect your official response to my complaint as a reply to my email.

4. WHAT DO YOU MEAN, my subject access request was not filed accurately?????? Is suppor­[email protected]­emb­ran­dtc­asi­ not your email? Is my request not clear enough? You can not just send me from one desk to another and expect me to give up. The request has been made in full accordance with the GDPR laws and I expect you will comply or legal measures will follow.

5. I am not trying to take advantage or achieve “free play”. You have admitted to technical errors on YOUR END and I’m complaining about this and expect you to return the funds that went missing as a results of the ERRORS ON YOUR END.

6. Due to the entire situation, yes I expect more than this. In fact, I expect an apology for your extreme lack of support and a refund of all wagers made by me on your website due to the extreme technical issues and lack of security offered to your players.

7. Askgamblers would you please be able to get involved in this? Rembrandt casino seems to only have their own interest in mind and public appearances but lacks to provide any adequate support via email with me personally.

8. Rembrandtcasino. This is a disgrace and quite frankly I can not believe any of this is legal. You just make up some error and withhold tens of thousands in funds from your players without any regards for the law.

You aren’t even allowed to operate in my country. Do you also have anything to say about that? The advertisements you’ve been targeting at me (in the Netherlands, which is illegal).

Legal measures will follow.


Posted on September 16, 2020

Dear Customer,

we have now supported Askgamblers team with all relevant proofs for our statement in the thread and we will be awaiting for the team to give in their independent feedback over this case.

Kind regards,

Complaints team
Rembrandt Casino

Posted on September 16, 2020

Hello support agent,

Would you please be so friendly and take the slightest effort to forward me that same “relevant proof” you mentioned?

You mention things that I have absolutely no knowledge off and you have ignored my emails since the 14th of July without ever reaching a conclusion.

It is obvious that you’ve decided to simply ignore my complaint and SAR (still waiting for an EMAIL reply on that as well) and have no intention whatsoever to solve this amicably. However, now that this situation has become public, I’d appreciate it if you can formulate your complete statement regarding my complaint and SAR as a reply to my email.

Can you please just answer three simple questions.
1. Why do you refuse to answer my email?
2. Why do you refuse to comply with my Subject Access Request?
3. Can you send me all the proof you mentioned as I have not received this up to this date

Last but not least: After over 60 days of waiting you only now tell me that I should send my SAR to a different email address. I have discussed this with my lawyer and my email to suppor­[email protected]­emb­ran­dtc­asi­ is a legally sustained method of making the SAR. This information has been forwarded to the GDPR authorities.

Disappointed and disgusted regards,

Posted on September 16, 2020

Dear Mikebits,

We would like to use this occasion and inform you that no GDPR related matters can be subject to AskGamblers Casino Complaint Service, which we hope you may understand. Therefore these should be forwarded to the relevant authorities, if needed.

Dear Rembrandt Casino,

Kindly note that the AskGamblers Complaint Team responded to your email and is still awaiting additional information from your team.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

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