EUcasino - Poor customer support, unable to solve my issues for days

Mohammad Mahboubi Netherlands
posted on November 12, 2016.

Two weeks ago i registered here after reading the good reviews on askgamblers. With my registration i noticed that i did not recieve a activation or verification link for my account on eucasino.

However i was already logged in after registration. So i went to live chat and asked why i did not recieve a activation link? I don't like suprises with verification or delayed payments, account issues so i always make sure that everything i ok before i deposit.

The live suppory chat send me a few emails (according to the support agent). And yes i do believe that she had send the email to see if i can recieve any email from them, wich i did not recieve in the end.

I left the chat without any result. Later i decided to come back and see if i could fix this wierd problem with eucasino. I tried to log in again since the live chat is only available when you are logged in.

Two times i hit the wrong password (i use so many diffrent onces on all the casino's where i play) and i decided to retrieve my password. So i went for the option "forgot password" and after that i had to fill in a security question and after that you get a code on the same password retrieve page on eucasino and a mail with instructions wich i again did not recieve. Here i was already pissed because all the trouble i had to went trough to get a simple account verrification after registration.

Unexpected at the end of the day i recieved a follow up email regarding the earlier conversation on live chat.
And i reaponded to that email by stating that i could not open my account because of the wrong password popup each time. (I am now 100% sure wich password i used, this i rememberd later, but still i could not log in. I suppose this is because i chose to retrieve my password after typing my password wrong two times in a row.

Now i have been in contact with support regarding the chat follow up email i recieved from them.
The wierf thing is that they say have numerous times send me a new email with password.

Day after day i responded to them saying that i have not recieved any email to retrieve my password. They claim that they have done so.

This whole time i can communicate with them on the emails that i do recieve from them, SO HOW IS IT POSSIBLE that they claimed to have send this so called password. The support constantly says the same thing, wich is a lying. And i am sick of it. I just want to know why?

So in the second last email i asked them why in gods name they could not just type a temporarely password in the next email so i could go to my account and set a new password.

Note that there answer was always the same!! Wich was that they had send me instructions to retrieve my password. And now they say that they need a picture of me holding my ID card next to my face????????

I have never had to do this in the over 100 casino's where i have played at. And now i have to do this just to get back in my own account.

They know that it is me. My experience so far has been horrible. Especially when it seems that they are flat out lying about sending may password in a email.

So i can communicate with them responding to the follow up email that they send to me after the live chat experience, but i can't recieve my passwords from the same email as i have communicated regarding this matter? So to me right now it seems like they are playing with me.

In the meantime i had already opened a account on eucasino's sister site playmillion. Deposited 37 euro and cashed out 500 euro. The next day i recieved my funds on my skrill account. No hassle at all!! Oh and yes, at playmillion i have registered my account with the same email as eucasino. So this should be easy going... But all i can say is that this is a new kind of "horrible online casino experience.

posted on November 15, 2016.

We are sorry to hear that you experienced issues with the registration and access of your account.

Normally the process in these instances is very quick, straight forward and without any problems.

Upon registration, we send a welcome email to the player’s registered email address. In that email, there is a link where he/she are able to verify the account.

It would appear in this case that, whilst you were able to receive the email communications from support, you didn't receive the automated emails from our system.

Since our passwords are sent via our automated system, this would explain why our Support were claiming that they were sending you passwords (as it is documented in our system) and why you were not receiving them.

We obviously would like any player to gain access to his account as soon as possible however prior to taking any action and in the light of player security, we requested from you the necessary documentation.
This enables us to carry out the required identity verification checks from our end, and to make sure we are giving the correct information to the correct player.

I hope that this has clarified the position of the casino and we can assure you that once the documentation you provide the documents we requested , we will assist you in getting into your account.

EUcasino Team

posted on November 18, 2016.

Dear @Aria,

Please confirm if the issue has been resolved. Keep in mind that in case you fail to respond within the given time frame we will consider your issue as resolved and your complaint will be closed accordingly.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Mohammad Mahboubi Netherlands
posted on November 20, 2016.

Currently i am in Italy for bussines. I can only say that i do not like casino's who ask me to play a clown by holding my Passport next to my face. My name, adres registrationz email and all the otherwise information is current. I am a high rollen who has spoed over 100000 euro's on casino. Because of the bad support and the ridicilous terms to get in my pwn account i can say that eucasino can go and find another play. If they would activate my account and then ask for then documentations, it would not be a problem. But i refuse to play these games with them. They have lief to me in the emails about retrieving my password. Later they say that i have to log in and choose the option to recieve automatic email. This is by far the worst experience i have ever en onderdelen on a online casino. The threat can be closed. It is not removed but if askgamblers feels that it is removed that please.. Be my gestolen. By this i have also learn that askgamblers is always on the side of these casino's. Eucasino changed my password so i could not log in. If not.. Please explain how i was able to registered first, go to live chat and then when i came back the same password did not work. For now i am done with this site and the terrible customer support who give you the same answer over and over again. I am a registered member at askgamblers and all my personal information is correct Eucasino knows this sinds they can easy check my account on there sistersite playmillion. But because of this bad experience i will never again play at any of the casino's hosted by this group. Have a nice day. This has nothing to do with security. I am not a monkey tellen me to take a picture of myself next to my ID. For the second time i came adress the same problem on slotsmillion. Also slotsmillion will never see me again. You guys have a corrupt systeem to verificate personal details. I have all the utility bills you need on my name, diffrent bank account on my name, also skrill mastercard on my name and a GBA registration from my states. I can easily make a picture of myself but my pride and respect to myself do not allochtonen me to do this. Goodbye, you just lost a gambler who probably spends more than 500 of you avarage customer.

posted on November 21, 2016.

Dear @Aria

AskGamblers Complaints Team could understand player's frustration and disappointment of being left to wait for hours or days from the aforementioned casino brand before they review and verify the account, we would like to remind player that each and every online casino has the exclusive right to determine and apply its own verification policy and procedures depending on the requirements set within their licensing agreement. Unfortunately, AskGamblers Complaints Team is not able to influence such verification policy in any way.

Please try to cooperate with a casino support and send them required verification documents so you can be able to verify your account.

posted on November 21, 2016.

Despite everything you have said we still value all our players.
So I have passed your case to the manager of EUcasino who will contact you to try and resolve the situation.

EUcasino Team

Mohammad Mahboubi Netherlands
posted on November 24, 2016.

I have got a response from the eucasino manager, gaving me the advise to open a completely new account so that they can remove this current account.

I already replyed with an answer. I will register a new one with exactly the same emailadress. No kiddy card near my head picture agreement anymore. I expect this to go smoothly and will keep aksgambers, EUcasino and readers in the loop.

Mohammad Mahboubi Netherlands
posted on November 24, 2016.

I tried to open a new account. Not possible since the accountholder email (me)is still active. Well Mister Mattew casino manager, i am still waiting for you to completely remove the account including any personal detail on it so i can open a new one and the deposit and withdrawahals will go hassle free in the future.

Mohammad Mahboubi Netherlands
posted on November 25, 2016.

I can't work with this people. The suggest that they remove my account so that i will be able to open a new account. This was not possible. Like i said i tried this. Now they suggest to open a new account with a diffrent email (this is actually fraud two account per one holder). Neverteless because the organisation asked this i went ahead and did it.
They told me that after registration you could change the registered email to the new one: not possible! Nothings is possible here and again i did not recieve an activation link. Even if they offer a 300% welcome bonus i would not go trough the trouble again. My god the frustration with these people and always different answers or sugggestions is high! Like over 9000! lol.. never mind eucasino. I feel tierd because of all these hassle.

Mohammad Mahboubi Netherlands
posted on November 26, 2016.

Despite everything that has happpened. It has all been clear right now. My emailadress from the second adress was registerd as wich was wrong. I did not know this and had to edit this in my personal settings. After a long list of miscommunications with EUcasino mostly because of myself I managed to take the ASKEU500 bonus and made a profit o 900+ euro. Cashed out today 800 euro with skrill and left 200 and somewhat cents to stay for further plessure in the near feauture. I must admid that i have been quiete impulsive and i am not saying this because i have won and want to say nice things about my bad experience earlier. It's because no matter what.. the support will in the end be there to help you and find a solution. When my winning will be approved and arrives Askgambkers can see this case as resolved perfecftly. I will keep you guys updated.

posted on November 30, 2016.

Dear @Aria,

Please make sure to update your issue in a timely manner and let the AskGamblers Complaints Team know if you got the payment. Keep in mind that in case you fail to respond within the given time frame we will consider your issue as resolved and your complaint will be closed accordingly.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Mohammad Mahboubi Netherlands
posted on November 30, 2016.

Dear Askgamblers,

Till this they they have not verified my account. So they were stalling the payment, that is my guess. It does not matter now anymore, i will not play here anymore. I made a profit of 1500 euro and canceled 950 euro withdrawal after losing the rest of the money on my balance, I lost everything that is my own fault. But the verification and payout time is terrible here as i still did not even recieve a confirmation of the verification of my account.
I hope others will have a better gaming experience here. This case can be closed.

posted on December 3, 2016.

Based on submitter's last post AskGamblers Complaints Team consider this case as Resolved and it is officially closed now.

Thank you all for your cooperation.