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Golden Star Casino - Unfairly Refusing Withdrawal

Inactive user
Posted on May 18, 2017.

I signed up for GoldenStar after learning about it on Deposited 200mBTC and was issued bonus and free spins. Loved the layout. Very sleek look. I was impressed.
The free spins would not work on my device. I asked them to change to a game that would work and they would not. I did not complain. I do not seek to complain. I am honest and expect the people I do business with to be honest as well.
I did read the terms and conditions. wagering in mbtc is not the easiest to calculate what a wager is in actual BTC. That being said, I believe all of my wagers were within the limit up until I requested my withdraw. I ended up getting lucky turning my .2 BTC into around 1 BTC. I first requested a withdraw of around .75 BTC. But then I got lucky on charms and clovers and got my balance Up nicely into 2.7 BTC. I wanted to withdraw more to enjoy some nice winnings so I requested a 2.4 BTC withdraw after I cancelled my initial request. I was going to keep the 300mbtc to have fun with.
I initiated the withdraw once I knew I satisfied the bonus wagering requirements. Then I quickly lost the remaining 300mBTC that I kept in the account.
I then asked support what I needed to do for withdraw. I complied with all of their requests. Less than 24 hours from this moment I write this, support APPROVED my withdraw and said I would RECEIVE my withdraw by 20:00 today.
I checked in today. I was surprised to see my withdraw request had been discarded. My balance which was virtually at zero was surprisingly now showing a 200mbtc balance which was my initial deposit.
Surely I wasn't getting ripped off? Well, it turns out these folks who had just approved my withdraw decided to change their mind because they said I violated the bonus wagering rules by betting large amounts. They gave me my initial deposit back into my account but would not pay the withdraw they had approved.
I was shocked and thought I was on an episode of Punk'd. I did not remember wagering large amounts and if I did i thought it was most likely after the withdraw request with the remaining 300mbtc I decided to 'blow.'
And if that was true, then why would they let you wager that amount that is against the policy to begin with?!! That is shady to begin with.
I looked on the bets history as far back as I could and did, in fact, see that some of my recent wagers after I had requested the withdraw were over that limit. But I had already requested the withdraw at that point.
I am stunned at the unprofessionalism this casino has shown. I do not seek to gain anything for free or anything that I have not earned fairly. I did everything that was asked of me. They APPROVED my withdraw after I did everything they asked.
I even offered to settle without filing a complaint. But I guess since they don't care about honoring what they tell their customers, they sure as heck could care less that I'm writing this complaint. If filing this complaint does not work, I ask for your help in Letting your audience view this complaint when researching GoldenStar.
I hope that people who read this understand that I'm an honest person and that if they did this to me, they will certainly do it to others. Please protect yourselves and please understand that I am not complaining for the sake of complaining. I hope that they will honor their word and approve the withdraw that they already approved one time. However, based on the unprofessionalism they have shown so far, I'm expecting they will write some 'gotcha' explanation in response. I will be pleasantly surprised if I am wrong.

Posted on May 18, 2017.


We are sorry that it happened and we were forced to confiscate your winnings.

You have a large number of times has exceeded the maximum allowed bet while wagering bonus.

According to the terms of the casino the maximum bet when playing with active bonus on first deposit 0.005 BTC

In confirmation of our words we will send the screenshots to your email and to Askgamblers support

Kind Regards,

Golden Star Casino team

Inactive user
Posted on May 21, 2017.

1. You say that a ANyone who has active bonus can't wager over .005BTC?
I had no clue what that even meant as all wagers are shown as MBTC.
So, thanks for stealing $5000 from me guys over your 'gotcha' rule.

Inactive user
Posted on May 21, 2017.

A large number of times I went over the max wager limit? The max wager limit is .005 BTC!!!! Who knows what that even is in mbtc?
If that is the rule, them first it should be in flashing lights. Second wagers should be capped at this during game play!!!
Third, if that is the rule, then let us wager in BTC and not mbtc.

Posted on May 22, 2017.

AskGamblers Complaints Team have been provided with valid evidence on behalf the management of Golden Star Casino where it is clearly displayed that player bet over a maximum betting amount while bonus wagering, by that act player breached casino's bonus terms #1.5

1.5 Limitation of the maximum bet while wagering is EUR 5 / USD 5 / AUD 7.5 / CAD 7.5 / NOK 50 / SEK 50 / RUB 300 / 0.00500000 BTC.

Moreover, player's behaviour in the complaint process was offensive and his offensive replies have been removed. AskGamblers Complaints Team considers the behaviour shown by the player incompatible with the minimum standards of decency and normal attitude and behaviour. Such behaviour is considered as a direct breach of the Terms & Conditions associated with AskGamblers Complaints Service and therefore, AskGamblers Complaints Team decided to reject the case and suspend player's further access to AGCCS.

The complaint is now officially closed.

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